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IIoT Use Case
User group


We look forward to welcoming you to our "User Group" format - exchange best practices and make new contacts with other companies.

IoT Use Case - this is our community

Learn from the
Experiences of others

Sharing Best Practices across industries

Have you gained valuable experience in your IIoT projects and would like to contribute it to a user group? Our community offers you the perfect platform for this.

Share and expand knowledge

Are you looking to exchange ideas with others on potential IIoT use cases or to develop them together? Here you will find like-minded people with whom you can work together creatively and productively.

Exchange and develop Use Cases

Whether predictive quality, digital service, digitalization of production facilities or data-driven production or logistics - share your valuable tips and experiences across functions in our community.

Discussing challenges and trends

Exchange ideas with other companies and learn how they solve challenges with IIoT technologies and predict trends.


User group


After we have accepted your request to be put on the waiting list, you will receive a confirmation email and be added to the mailing list and group.

Digital exchange

Our exchange takes place online on a monthly basis, complemented by regular events and meetings.

Working in small groups

Active participation of the round in finding topics and groups.

What topics and contents are being discussed?


Asset Condition Monitoring

AI in the Machine

Brownfield Machine Integration

Standardized Data Availability

Asset Administration Shell

5G sensor data

LoRaWAN Use Cases

Traceability through Digital Twin

and more

How active and committed is the community?

1 +
1 +
Implemented Use Cases
1 +

Sources: Airtable evaluation (01/2024); projects from 08/2022 – 01/2024 based on the database of www.iotusecase.com

Project Manager Digitalization Operations

Mechanical engineering

Technical Manager / Manager

Wholesale: Import and export

Product Manager IoT / Business Development

Manufacturing of industrial machinery or household, electrical and electronic appliances

IoT Business Development

Utility services

Head of Quality Management Operations

Manufacturing of household, electrical and electronic appliances

IoT Specialist

Manufacturing of industrial machinery

Head of Industry 4.0 | Germany

Wholesale: Construction materials

Project Manager Industry 4.0


and similar professions

Who are the other members?

IoT Use Case Community

Who are the other members?

Company size

40% have 10,001+ employees
17% have 1,001 - 10,000 employees
18% have 501-1,000 employees 25% have 51-500 employees


28-34 (58 %)
35-56 (42 %)

Digital maturity

Medium (Pilots)
to high (roll-outs)


EMEA 81% (75% DACH)

Global growth

+78%* EMEA (excl. DACH), AMER, ANZ, APAC


International formats are being planned.



Functional areas

Production, logistics, supply chain, service & aftersales, KRITIS, etc.

manufacturing companies

Developing internal use cases and the IIoT/IT architecture. Identifying potential partners, technologies and solutions.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Developing digital services and IoT solutions and expanding strategic partnerships.

Smart Equipment manufacturer

Developing into a solution provider for "smart products" and solving specific customer problems.

Operators and suppliers

Building operators and plant and energy suppliers. Focus on critical infrastructures (KRITIS).


Share experiences with other users now

Learn from the best practices of other companies and exchange ideas about their applications in the field of digitalization, especially IIoT and IoT solutions and technologies. Share your own experiences to drive the solutions you are working on. Generate new ideas by engaging with the community and receive feedback for your use cases, such as predictive quality and predictive maintenance.

Discuss topics such as asset condition monitoring, AI-based root cause analysis and the use of AI in machines. Share your knowledge about the implementation and use of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), the global technical implementation of the digital twin and many other topics. You are also welcome to contribute your expertise and find new use cases and business cases.

The focus is on the exchange of ideas and experiences. Share your project experience from the initial idea to productive implementation and share on tips in various areas. Network with similar companies in our forum to see how they overcome challenges. You can also discuss topics such as cross-industry data exchange, anomaly detection, brownfield machine connection and much more.

Share your valuable experience of how successfully you use machine and plant data. Seek the exchange with other users to share ideas and develop them further. Contribute your knowledge to our user group and benefit from the efficient and digital exchange of experience and networking.

Look for an exchange on the digitalization of production or generation plants, including very special plants and the associated requirements. Benefit from digitalization use cases that have already been implemented and discuss the potential and challenges of data-driven production, logistics, service & aftersales, supply chain and buildings. Network cross-functionally on topics related to infrastructure and use cases in the field of IoT, such as LoRaWAN networks and the integration of diverse machines and smart equipment in existing shopfloors.

Learn how other companies are managing their digital transformation and share your knowledge about your journey with the Digital Twin. Participate in the exchange of experiences in our community, including topics such as 5G sensor data transmission, standardized data availability, and NIS2 regulations in the brownfield. Take the opportunity to find out about and exchange information on process support with IIoT data, smart measurement technology and self-service options.

What use cases are there on the market and which have already proven themselves? In our network, we mainly focus on use cases that have already proven successful in practice in order to further develop and scale them. We share these valuable findings with you via our database.

Finding the right technology for your needs can take a lot of time. In addition, it is not always easy to seamlessly integrate a new technology into your existing structure or to expand it. Thanks to the extensive experience we have gained from thousands of projects in our network, we are very familiar with both use case-specific and non-specific requirements in the IT and OT areas. We have identified the ideal technologies and solutions for various use cases. We would like to share this specialized knowledge with you in order to make your digitalization a success. Discover the technologies that suit you!

Each use case has already been successfully implemented in a similar form. Nobody should have to start their project from scratch. We are happy to bring you together with experts and companies that have already successfully implemented IoT solutions. Use their experience and successful projects to your advantage.

Do you still have questions? Above we have summarized content for you that can help you with your decision:

  • What are the benefits of being a member of this community?
  • What topics and contents are being discussed?
  • How active and committed is the community?
  • Who are the other members?
  • What are the expectations of the members?
  • How secure and trustworthy is the community?

User group

We warmly welcome you to the next meeting

Exchange information on over 1,700 projects and 350 use cases and projects from the network, get to know users from the podcasts and exchange ideas with like-minded companies in an uncomplicated way. In the next user group, we will be happy to network you with like-minded companies from other sectors.

The network is only accessible to invited members, so we would be happy to have a brief personal discussion in advance. This is necessary in order to continue developing an exciting group of participants for everyone. We want to emphasize that building a diverse community is an important priority for us.

An open group of participants who are working on IIoT projects similar to yours – only in other industries. It’s worth taking a look!

  • Personal exchange among users
  • Experience, mistakes, customer needs, knowledge about market developments & trends
  • Use insights from 550 projects and application examples
  • Use contacts to other users with IoT projects
  • Get to know the market and technologies in practice

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