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Grandcentrix is an IoT solution provider for Smart Products, Smart Home and Smart Energy. As a 100% subsidiary of Vodafone, they aim to make globally scalable IoT solutions affordable and accessible.

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Contact Person(s)

Raphael Heinrich, grandcentrix

Raphael Heinrich

VP Commercial Management IoT Products

Roland Hänel, grandcentrix

Roland Hänel

Roland Hänel, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Realized projects

Networking of machines via Modbus RTU

Networking of machines via Modbus RTU

Numerous industrial devices and machine tools communicate with the control modules via Modbus. Retrofit-capable networking with the Industrial IoT is possible via this. With a...

Mechanical and Plant Engineering Service and after-sales Technology and Telecommunications

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18. January 2023

Latest Podcast Episodes


Connecting "passive elements" using the practical example of an industrial door - why it's worth it

Fire protection door – now with IoT capabilities! In the 124th epis...

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13. March 2024

From product development to digital service management

From product development to digital service management

This podcast episode shows how ALMiG's compressors became smart and grandcentrix launched a new product along ...

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22. March 2023

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