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IoT Use Case Festival 2023

User Event for the IoT Business Development

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Participating companies

manufacturing companies
OEMs and producers
IoT Use Case Partners

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Driving IoT Business Development with this leading brands

IoT Services

Learn about IoT products and services from OEMs, mechanical and plant engineers, and manufacturers in the marketplace.

Meet users

Exchange experiences with other users and expand your network!


Deeper understanding of customers' specific requirements for IIoT solutions

Ecosystem Thinking

Meet users who live the ecosystem mindset and buy external IoT services and learn what benefits they see in data sharing


Identify new business opportunities through experiential learning in our three workshops.


This has never been done before! We have built a festival site with an innovative and interactive online environment!

Your ticket to meet 250+ IoT Business Developers

Gain valuable insights into customer requirements and decision criteria for IoT solutions. On 2 floors we will cover topics like monetization and service solutions of the future. Network with 250+ business developers and digitalization managers in a unique and interactive environment – in gather.town.

If you’re in the Industrial IoT field,
you shouldn’t miss this festival!

IoT Use Case Festival 2023 - Thu, September 14, 2023 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM UTC+2 Online in Metaverse

Meet our User Network

and learn more about requirements for IoT solutions


Meeting in a special atmosphere! Through Gather we create the feeling of a real IoT festival online! Experience the use cases and projects from our network live and in color with a real-life feeling in the metaverse. An augmented reality to match the IoT. Register now for the IoT Use Case Festival 2023 and get excited!


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For the IoT Business Development

End user requirements

Learn how you can successfully implement IIoT requirements from end customers! In this workshop, we'll explore what end users want from IoT products and solutions and how you can meet them to be successful. Our experts will share best practices and strategies tailored to end-user needs that will help you optimize your products and solutions to meet them. Join the workshop to learn how to better meet the needs of your end customers and achieve their business goals.

Monetization of IoT through services

Which use cases already work today? What are the empirical values for this? Discover the world of monetizing IoT through services! In this workshop, you'll learn how companies can leverage the full potential of IoT using service-based business models. Our experts will share insights on proven strategies and successful applications to bring you up to speed on the latest technology and expand your capabilities. Wir beantworten gemeinsame Fragen, bauen gemeinsam Know-how auf und diskutieren Potenziale und Mehrwerte.


Business Development and Digitalization Management
Users + Partners


Why participate?

Your time is short

Your time is too short to "waste" it on the wrong contacts. We have made a shortlist for you - companies that are way ahead with IoT. We provide you with the top use cases from your industry, things that have proven to be successful, including concentrated knowledge in one place instead of individual knowledge in the heads.

Concrete output

Here you go out with real business impact! Utilize insights and business metrics for your projects and gain valuable experiences from the IoT community event. How do other companies calculate the ROI of projects? Find out!

Successful Festival 22'

Online webinars are all the same ... NO! In our meeting area with "gaming atmosphere" we go "back to the 90s". Interactive, with Real Life Feeling like in the Metaverse. An augmented reality with IoT in online meeting land - last year we did this successfully.


Seats still available

We still have 130 free seats before the process closes

Seats available


How does it work?

Festival VIP Ticket - Thu, September 14, 2023 1PM - 7PM UTC+2


We want to make sure like-minded people meet at the event. Therefore we need to verify the applications and still have 130 free seats. The admissions process is managed by our admissions committee.

Receive ticket

You will shortly receive a confirmation with the login link to gather.town - our virtual meeting area with gaming atmosphere! Our IoT Use Case Festival 2023 with Speed Dating in IoT Meetingland.

Join us

The link will take you to our interactive 2D meeting world. You don't need any additional equipment - just yourself, sound and your laptop. Our meeting world is child's play to use - you'll see!


Exchange of experience

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Meet users

Only here you will meet users from our network with knowledge that is not accessible online

Join IoT enthusiasts

Your time is too precious to spend it on lengthy conversations or wrong contacts. We pre-qualify contacts and bring you together with people who are just as enthusiastic and open about the topic of “IoT” and have successfully implemented their first IoT projects.
Less marketing – more exchange of experiences!