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Scalable mesh network: track and trace and more


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IIoT Use Case Podcast Folge 11 mit Thomas Weisshaupt von Wirepas

It’s ?Podcast Wednesday again – Industrial IoT explained simply! A super exciting episode with  Thomas Weisshaupt, the Ecosystem Manager EMEA at Wirepas.

Episode summary

How do I manage my multitude of sensors for eg. Air quality and CO2 measurement in rooms, asset track & trace, smart metering (electricity meters), pump monitoring or level measurements in a scalable way? Thomas gives us the answer in today’s episode! Future-proof networking is based on mesh networks, which allow different sensors to talk to each other autonomously using ready-made software as a connectivity layer.

And what do bed bugs in the hotel have to do with it? All this and much more now in the first German Industrial IoT Use Case Podcast

“the second visit kill the business case”

Thomas is an enthusiastic business developer for profitable digitalization projects for Industry 4.0, connected buildings and for the digital energy transition. With more than 10 years of experience as a bridge builder between IoT and industries – he is also successful as a moderator and key note speaker. a detailed description follows.

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Thomas Weisshaupt
Ecosystem EMEA

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Wirepas is a global technology company focused on solving large-scale IoT challenges. The Wirepas Mesh product is an IoT connectivity software that reliably ensures data flow between devices and the backend. All this is possible thanks to our highly experienced, ambitious and passionate team. Wirepas – Dare to connect.

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Ing. Madeleine Mickeleit
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