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Efficient Cosmetics Manufacturing: Unifarco’s Answer to Production Bottlenecks

IoT Use Case - Exor + Unifarco
5 minutes Reading time
5 minutes Reading time

X Platform employed to Unifarco SpA case: a controlled production chain, along with a focus on customers and optimized distribution, serve as the foundation for achieving success.

The system gives a good view of the machines functionality, and its ease of use has given the possibility to the operators of the packaging part to be immediately familiar with the instrument. The support staff is certainly available and quick in answering.

Unifarco’s challenge: a product-service system

The objective of the digitization project is to make the production process more effective and efficient by applying integrated Lean methodology and the latest technologies in the field of Industry 4.0. The departments involved have primarily been bulk production and packaging.

The points of convergence with customer requirements, identified as potential areas for optimization and addressed through interventions, are primarily related to the operational functions of the machinery:

  • Automatic acquisition of machine times and operational states of the production line

  • Production digitization with management system integration

  • Monitoring and data collection of the production process and subsequent archiving

  • Line digitization: communication between operator, maintenance personnel, and production manager

  • Elimination of paper and visualization of Lean process indicators

Unifarco’s Solution: Digitization

Exor graph symbol

Production lines real time control: ensuring accurate monitoring, adjustment, and optimization of process parameters and production line operations.

hardxware optimization

Data Storage: establishing organized and secure repositories to store any types of information, facilitating easy access.

Creating a more efficient process to convert green energy into Nitrogen.

Capture Data for Continuous Improvement: enabling informed decision-making.


Fluent Communication Between Departments: promoting seamless and effective exchange of information among different sections of the organization.

Unifarco Production sketch

Exor's Technology: X Platform


Gateway eXware703: Data analysis and collection at the edge. Transfer of reworkings to HMI Dashboard.

Accessory PLIO06/PLIO03: Refinement, enhancement and extension of gateway communication channels.


Runtime Software JMobile: license uploaded on eXware703.


Collect&Analyze and Flash Meeting by Digibelt:

  1. BackOffice Control: Centralized Configuration and Monitoring
  2. Bidirectional communication between SAGE X3 and Digibelt systems for managing closed and incoming orders
  3. Visualization of KPIs on dedicated Dashboards
  4. Parameter adjustment suggestions to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

X Platform Results

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> 30%

Productivity increase


OEE percentage points increase

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In application

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