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Optimizing Critical Infrastructure Systems: IoT as a Success Driver at Gilardoni


IoT Use Case - Exor International + Gilardoni
6 minutes Reading time
6 minutes Reading time

Gilardoni competes in the manufacturing sector thanks to innovations in radiology systems since 1947. Their commitment focuses on advanced technological solutions to improve the quality of life, embodying excellence and constant progress.

Technology is a fundamental component for us. [...] Gilardoni seeks successful partners, indeed these product innovations have been made possible thanks to the global technological advancement of the last decades. [...] High-performance control panels are necessary both for managing the system [of TRS Breva] itself, but also to facilitate its maintenance and to achieve an innovative sales key.

Gilardoni’s Challenge: Standing Out in a Global Setting​

In a global and competitive landscape, Gilardoni SpA stands out for its offering cutting-edge solutions in three critical areas: the Medical industry, the Industrial one with non- destructive testing, for example, for automotive and railway, and finally the Security sector. In the last one, the company has strengthened its presence, growing with determination and aiming for excellence.

In a market where a few and large international players dominate and where rigorous certifications constitute significant obstacles, Gilardoni leverages a know-how built for over 75 years and a series of distinctive advantages. Its systems are recognized for their excellent quality and ease of use, aspects that significantly simplify installation and usage over time.

The company is also engaged in a continuous process of technical refinement, with research aimed at reducing the size of products without sacrificing power. This commitment translates into lighter and more compact systems, capable of accelerating and optimizing analysis, and confirms Gilardoni’s intention to remain at the forefront of its sector.

Gilardoni’s Solution: Technology serving the process​

The solution adopted by Gilardoni involves two product families working synergistically to provide customers with a unique and high-performing solution.

ARGO represents the category of state-of-the-art X-ray systems for advanced luggage security checks, while TRS Breva is the product aimed at automated tray handling in airport environments.

The combination of these products offers perfect integration, as demonstrated in the case of Terminal 2 at Malpensa Airport, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Technology: X Platform​


HMI JSmart710: Elegant design for a product with complete IP67 protection class. Thanks to the Power- over-Ethernet connection and mounting accessories, the HMI can be placed anywhere on the machinery and not necessarily inside the electrical cabinet.


Runtime Software JMobile: license installed on
both JSmart710 and ARGO’s IPC. The software has been customized and adapted by Next-Stel to ensure process fluidity and cybersecurity.


CORVINA VPN: Secure and protected remote access. Essential for the introduction of predictive maintenance.

SofPLC: software following the IEC 611131-3 standard installed on JSmart710. It performs tasks such as monitoring and controlling automated tray sorting.

X Platform Results

Modern user interface

User interface

Easier usage of technology

Excellent Design


Metal case HMI that lends elegance to the machinery thanks to its design

Software integration

The software with integrated PLC simplifies the overall system.

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