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Optimizing industrial processes with the Industrial IoT

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4 minutes Reading time

The key to efficient control and monitoring of industrial processes is the seamless integration of machines and equipment into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). PTC’s Industrial IoT Platform, ThingWorx collects and analyzes data from various machines and business systems across different vendors and provides actionable, real-time insights for live monitoring and decision-making.

The challenge: IoT connectivity is required for data-driven decisions

Industrial companies have a very heterogeneous machine park, which makes it difficult to aggregate and organize data. Another hurdle is the inadequate integration of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology).

Platforms for industrial connectivity and Industrial IoT play a key role in overcoming these challenges. Companies can use it to collect data from machines and integrate it into IT systems to create digital processes and make efficient, data-driven decisions.

PTC supports companies in implementing these technologies and undertaking digital transformation. PTC offers a portfolio of solutions for manufacturing ranging from plant benchmarking and improving OEE to industrial connectivity.

IoT platforms used in practice

Companies like Brembo are using the Industrial IoT to optimize their processes and reduce costs. The company is an Italian manufacturer of automotive braking systems, especially for high-performance cars and motorcycles. With more than 40 facilities across 14 countries, all with unique processes and equipment, Brembo had plenty of data but little insight. They needed a way to integrate disparate sources of process data and gain insights into plant floor operations. The use of PTC’s solutions enabled Brembo to save more than 1.5 million dollars. To achieve these goals, machines and systems are fitted with sensors that are connected to an IoT platform. They continuously send data on operating statuses and possible errors.

The platform forwards the data to specific applications, such as dashboards, business intelligence solutions or applications for data analytics. They thus become the basis for efficient process control and enable precise monitoring and control of production processes.

In most industrial scenarios, the use of just an IoT platform is not sufficient. Additionally, the OT and IT systems must be networked on the shop floor and the industrial campus. There are separate connectivity platforms for this.

The solution: A platform for integrating machines into the IoT

An easy-to-use and efficient platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is ThingWorx from PTC, a technology company from Boston, Massachusetts with offices worldwide, including Munich and Stuttgart.

How ThingWorx works

ThingWorx is the basis for efficient monitoring, analysis, and optimization of industrial processes. ThingWorx empowers enterprises to access, analyze, act upon, and monetize industrial IoT data.

ThingWorx has a modular architecture that makes it easier to develop, implement and scale IIoT solutions. The functions include device management, real-time data management, data analytics and the creation of digital twins.

A central element is the “ThingModel” data model, which is used to represent objects such as machines and systems, components or sensors. These “Things” have properties, events, and services that can be updated, monitored, and triggered in real time.

Advantages of ThingWorx

ThingWorx offers industrial companies a range of benefits that have a positive impact on business operations. The modular architecture can be adapted to different requirements. This allows for easy scaling across various industrial sectors, making the platform particularly attractive.

With the platform, companies can collect and analyze large amounts of operational data, leading to more informed decisions. By automating production processes, companies increase their efficiency while also reducing operating costs.

In addition, the networking and centralized data acquisition significantly increases productivity. One example of this is a mechanical engineering company that achieved a first time fix rate of 92 percent by using ThingWorx for maintenance orders thanks to better data knowledge.

The result: Increased efficiency and productivity

As a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), ThingWorx improves the way companies control and optimize their processes. By networking machines and systems with sensors, ThingWorx enables a high level of transparency and control of industrial processes. The data obtained provides valuable insights for operational decision-making and enables precise monitoring and optimization of production processes.

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