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Content Usage Guidelines


We want to ensure that prospects always find the latest content on all relevant channels - and with recognition value. Below you will find all the information you need to use our content.

Embedding the podcast

CD package + Media usage

Social media guidelines

Embedding the podcast

  1. Use embed code: Use the “embed code” provided by us by e-mail to embed the podcast episode directly on your site. Please do not embed the mp3-sequence itself.
  2. Official link to our website: Refer to the collaboration with “IoT Use Case” through the official link to our website. This allows your visitors to find the full context and further information.
  3. Set links to Apple and Spotify: Place additional links to hosting providers such as Apple and Spotify to give listeners easy access to their favorite podcast app.

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CD package + Media usage

  • Our colors are: Orange #ff7a01;Azure blue #007fff;Dark blue #021937;Turquoise #00ffef
  • Please use our round “Standard Logo 1” for your own media (see image; center) and in exceptional cases “2” on a dark background
  • Please use the provided media data of our activities for recognition.
Branding & Medien: Größen und Farben
Vorschaubild der Podcast Episode 79 mit Bernd Gross, CTO Software AG, CEO Cumulocity

Social media guidelines (LinkedIn)

  1. Please link the IoT Use Case company profile in the article (see below)
  2. Please use the hashtag #iotusecase
  3. You are also welcome to share, like or comment on the LinkedIn post about the podcast (see email from us).


Fabian Mattheis, IoT Use Case

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