It's that time again:
IIoT Use Case
Community meeting
on 12 May 2023 from 17:00-19:00

Apply now – places are limited! You will receive feedback within 24h. Participation is free of charge.

For all IoT enthusiasts

with currently running IoT projects


IoT in the Metaverse

It’s never been done before!!! Through GATHERTOWN we create the feeling of a real IoT community meeting online! Experience our use cases and project live and in color with real life feeling like in the Metaverse. An augmented reality to match the IoT. Register now and be excited!


What awaits you

Realized IoT projects

Not every technical use case, initiative or project finds monetization or a financial return. The reason: Companies on the market are pursuing a vision with IoT- and IIoT-based processes, products and services, but their acceptance and added value must be worked out together. We distinguish marketing from reality and enable discussion based on tested use cases and real projects.

Empirical values from pioneers

Companies need to communicate a lot and well in order to identify, understand and discuss new customer requirements early on. The goal: Turn technical use cases and initiatives into "business" - even if the business model or vision has not yet been finally implemented. In contrast to established engineering thinking, the approach here must be agile and in line with the "start-up mentality". Business strategists can exchange ideas with customers, suppliers and service providers in partnership in our event in a new atmosphere and independent of day-to-day business.

IoT know-how through practice

Which use cases already work today? What are the empirical values for this? Which partner has the same interests as we do? Which technologies are proven? And which ones meet the requirements of our customers? We answer common questions, build expertise together and discuss potentials and added values.


Soon it will be



With it ...

Business Strategy


What is it about?

Why don’t we just talk about IoT in concrete terms? Without buzzwords and without “marketing blah blah”. What is needed is inspiration from existing use cases and the exchange of experiences among users who are way ahead in this area. An important motto of the IoT Use Case Community meeting: Talk openly toget feedback! This is how we save money. This is how we leverage new business potential. We offer the space and the logic to do so – in an inspiring and novel atmosphere that encourages reflection and exchange outside of day-to-day business.
“Let’s think out of the Box”


Why participate?

Your time is short

Your time is too short to "waste" it on the wrong contacts. We have made a shortlist for you - companies that are way ahead with IoT. To do this, we deliver the top use cases from your industry, things that have proven themselves, including concentrated knowledge in one place instead of individual knowledge in heads.

Concrete output

Here you go out with real business impact! Use insights and business metrics for your projects and take something away from the IoT community event. How do other companies calculate the ROI of projects? Find out!

This has SO never happened before!

Online webinars are all the same ... NO! In our meeting area with "gaming atmosphere" we go "back to the 90s". Interactive, with Real Life Feeling like in the Metaverse. An augmented reality with IoT, speed dating in IoT meeting land. Be curious!


Places still available

We still have 6 free places before the process closes

Places available


How does it work?

The IoT Use Case Community meeting is free and for business strategists and manufacturing companies.

In 3 easy steps you are in!


We want to make sure like-minded people meet at the event. Therefore, there is a short intake check and 200 available seats. The admissions process is managed by our admissions committee.

Receive ticket

You will shortly receive a confirmation with the registration link to GATHERTOWN - our virtual meeting area with gaming atmosphere! Our IoT use case community meeting with speed dating in IoT meeting land.

Be there

The link will take you to our interactive 2D meeting world. You don't need any additional equipment - just yourself, sound and your laptop (and a good mood haha). Our meeting world is child's play to use - you'll see!


Exchange of experience

Leverage the experience of companies in our IoT community that are way ahead with IoT


Realized IoT projects

Only here you can get our insights on 350+ use cases and projects that are not publicly available

Join IoT enthusiasts

Your time is too valuable to spend on lengthy conversations or the wrong contacts. We pre-qualify contacts and bring you together with people who are just as enthusiastic and open about the topic of “IoT” and have successfully implemented their first IoT projects.
Less marketing – more exchange of experiences!