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We are a community of people who are driving digitalization in their businesses. In virtual meetings and the internal communication app incl. chat, we exchange benchmarks and best practices on ongoing IoT projects.

People who are shaping the future of the IoT

Digital Business Development
Vice President Strategy I Digital Transformation
Executive Manager Operations & Development
Head of IT Services
Vice President Digitalization
Operations IT Governance
Digital Transformation Officer
Digitalization Scout
Head of Industrie 4.0

Uncomplicated entry without liabilities

Exchange information on over 1,700 projects and 350 use cases and projects from the network, get to know users from the podcasts and exchange ideas with like-minded companies in a straightforward manner. In the next user group, we will be happy to network you with like-minded companies from other industries.

We welcome you to the next meeting

The network is only open to invited members, so we welcome a short personal meeting in advance.

This is necessary to further develop an exciting group of participants for all. We want to emphasize that building a diverse community is an important priority for us.


Join our User-Group


An open round of participants who are driving IIoT projects similar to yours – only in other industries. It is worthwhile to drop in!

  • Personal exchange among users
  • Experience, mistakes, customer needs, knowledge about market developments & trends
  • Use insights from projects and application examples
  • Use contacts to other users with IoT projects
  • Get to know the market and technologies from practice
We welcome you to the next meeting

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