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We are a community of tech and industry experts exploring the future through IIoT technology by sharing our knowledge in virtual sessions and community channels.

  • Digital Business Development
  • Vice President Strategy I Digital Transformation
  • Executive Manager Operations & Development
  • Head of IT Services
  • Digital Transformation Officer
  • Digitization Scout
  • Vice President Digitalization & Operations
  • Head of Industry 4.0
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The purpose of this community is to bring together people who want to help shape the future of industry through IIoT technology.

The network is accessible only to invited members and all applications are manually reviewed by the administrators.

This is necessary to build and develop a high quality environment. We want to emphasize that building a diverse community is an important priority for us.


User group

Join our free user group and network with "like-minded" people.

Our open and relaxed roundtable with attendees who are driving IIoT projects similar to yours – just in different industries. It’s worth taking a look!

  • The goal is the personal exchange among users
  • Topics such as new business models and revenues, pricing models and distribution, services
  • Experience, mistakes, customer needs, knowledge about market developments & trends
  • Use insights from 350 projects and application examples
  • Leverage contact with over 400 IoT enthusiasts
  • Get to know the market and technologies from a neutral point of view
  • Expertise from over 70 industry partners

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