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We bring transparency and structure to the IoT market. With real references and personal contacts from our IoT community.

We look forward to actively supporting you with the team and the network in your needs in the direction of Industrial IoT. Every day we see the IIoT market for you, communicate use cases and strengthen partnerships for the future.

Ing. Madeleine Mickeleit

Ing. Madeleine

Founder & Managing Director

"Let's think out of the Box"! I have a degree in mechanical engineering, my background is in IoT business development and my focus is on IoT technologies, partners and solutions.

Fabian Mattheis

Fabian Mattheis

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

As a communications expert in the founding team, I make sure that use cases, podcast episodes and the many other of our exciting content are perceived in the right context. My several years of experience from the agency landscape and master's degree in marketing provide the right foundation for finding the right IoT communication.

Anne Hölbing

Anne Hölbing

Content & Communications

Confident and ambitious character with a hands-on mentality. I am interested in the digital world, new business ideas and sharing visions. ESTP-A - describes me best. Several years of professional experience as an online content marketing manager.

Mona Ramezani

Mona Ramezani

Marketing and Content Management

My many years of working in marketing in the IT sector have not only given me extensive specialist knowledge, but also provided me with valuable insights into the various aspects of marketing. As someone who sees challenges as opportunities, I am always ready to turn visions into reality. My passion for structured approaches and detailed planning enables me to coordinate complex projects with precision and efficiency.


Manuel Schneider

IT and Content Management

Reliable and meticulous team player. I am coordinator and administrator for the content management of our platform and for our IT tools. Bachelor's degree in Translations Studies for IT and Master's student in International Technical Communication with a focus on IT and content management systems.

Christoph Baier

Christoph Baier

Co-Founder & Head of Matchmaking

As a co-founder of IIoT Use Case GmbH, my role centers around driving strategic innovation. I am also CEO of Ambivation GmbH, where we connect companies and startups for collaborations and open innovation. My personal focus is on software, real estate, industry, and energy, with a focus on value creation through entrepreneurship.

IoT Use Case Community

Sparring partners & freelancers

9 freelancers and additional sparring partners

Our sparring partners provide valuable feedback and assist us in defining and implementing our strategies and goals. Our 9 freelancers assist us in daily work and take on special projects. The collaboration is efficient and enables us to leverage specialized knowledge and skills. This also allows us to gain new impulses and perspectives.


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