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We look forward to welcoming your company to our network of 80+ partners.
from the industry and over 300+ companies.


One network - 4 advantages.


Proven use cases from practice

What use cases are there on the market and which have already proven themselves? In our network, we mainly focus on use cases that have already proven successful in practice in order to further develop and scale them. We share these valuable findings with you via our database.

Best practices from our extensive IoT community

Each use case has already been successfully implemented in a similar form. Nobody should have to start their project from scratch. We are happy to bring you together with experts and companies that have already successfully implemented IoT solutions. Use their experience and successful projects to your advantage.

Suitable technologies for every use case

Finding the right technology for your needs can take a lot of time. In addition, it is not always easy to seamlessly integrate a new technology into your existing structure or to expand it. Thanks to the extensive experience we have gained from thousands of projects in our network, we are very familiar with both use case-specific and non-specific requirements in the IT and OT areas. We have identified the ideal technologies and solutions for various use cases. We would like to share this specialized knowledge with you in order to make your digitalization a success. Discover the technologies that suit you!

Scalable solutions from trusted partners

Choose tried-and-tested solutions from our partner ecosystem that have been specially developed for your application or can be newly developed to meet your requirements. Take advantage of the experience and successes that our partners have already achieved in practice.


What our network says


In 3 steps
into the network


We look forward to finding out more about your use cases in a personal meeting.


Step 1: Choose your preferred date

Simply book your suitable appointment now via our Calendly link.

Step 2: Get to know us personally

We will get to know you personally to discuss your needs and how our network can support you.

Step 3: Get started with your kick-off appointment

Lay the foundation for a successful collaboration and start your project with our kick-off meeting.


Talk about your use cases


In our community

Exchange experiences

Are you using (I)IoT internally for process optimization or new IoT products and business models? Discuss your initiatives together, learn from each other what your customers’ requirements are and benefit from the knowledge of companies that are far ahead.

IoT Community Event

In our IoT Use Case Format

Creating more visibility for IoT

You want to create additional visibility and a new positioning for your company? Then we are happy to present your use cases, technical use cases or projects and your solutions in our IoT Use Case Format.

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