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Azure Marketplace: Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT platform

IoT Use Case - Microsoft + Rockwell Automation
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4 minutes Reading time

Connecting IT and OT: The ThingWorx IIoT Platform on Microsoft Azure

The ThingWorx IIoT platform from Rockwell Automation enables the integration of IT and OT in industrial companies. It is part of the FactoryTalk InnovationSuite Microsoft Azure and provides helpful apps for real-time analytics, monitoring, and control of machines and processes.

The challenge: Bridging the gap between IT and OT

Modern industrial companies generate large streams of data. For companies, the challenge lies in harnessing the information contained within these data streams at the right time and in the right place. To achieve this, they need to feed the data into IT systems and bridge the gap between IT and Operational Technology (OT).

A complete real-time transparency of all industrial processes is necessary. For this purpose, companies can utilize Industrial IoT and cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. These can connect with existing systems and leverage the power of data analytics. However, to achieve this, companies need to initially connect their industrial equipment to an IIoT platform on Microsoft Azure.

The solution: Integration of different devices, applications and data sources with ThingWorx on Microsoft Azure

The ThingWorx IIoT platform is part of the FactoryTalk InnovationSuite powered by PTC. With ThingWorx, Rockwell Automation connects different devices, applications, and data sources. It can establish connections between facilities, industrial applications, and manage, monitor, and control machines through an intuitive user interface.


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Other components of the InnovationSuite offer edge-to-enterprise analytics, machine learning (ML), and augmented reality (AR). The Suite collects and organizes data in real-time, enabling companies to automate the analysis of complex IT and OT data. AR solutions assist workers and technicians within the company through training and remote assistance for tasks.

Apps for IIoT Applications

ThingWorx includes several apps for industrial production that help companies bridge the gap between IT and OT and display industrial data in real-time. Four apps are particularly useful for industrial applications:

Operator Advisor helps machine and industrial equipment operators display orders, work instructions, and machine data together on a single monitor. The app integrates industry software such as ERP, MES, PLM, and CMMS, and collects machine data from human-machine interfaces and industrial control systems.

Asset Advisor connects with systems in manufacturing, enabling real-time monitoring and automatic alerts for anomalies. Asset Advisor is an essential tool for maintenance teams to detect and resolve issues early before they impact production.

Production Advisor provides real-time information on the status of manufacturing and key KPI’s such as availability, performance, quality and OEE through its analytics. The app provides valuable insight into the status and performance of production, facilitating informed decisions and continuous improvements.

Control Advisor assists technicians in monitoring machine status and immediately notifies them if the connection is interrupted. It includes various remote troubleshooting tools to prevent critical data losses and quickly resume operations.

Connectivity for the Industry

ThingWorx offers secure and reliable connectivity to all types of industrial machines and equipment. It supports various protocols such as OPC, MQTT, ODBC, SNMP, and REST APIs. It also allows integration with client applications like MES or SCADA and exporting measurement data in common formats used in the oil and gas industry.

The result: Insights into specific process data

The ThingWorx IIoT platform on Microsoft Azure, as part of the FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, provides instant insights into specific data for optimized industrial processes. ThingWorx apps on Azure monitor machine status and accelerate troubleshooting. This leads to increased operational efficiency and product quality in manufacturing companies.

Click here to find the app in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT platform

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