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Ensure error-free material bookings in intralogistics

IoT Use Case - Bosch, supermarket
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2 minutes Reading time

Parts that look (almost) identical can quickly lead to mix-ups. But error-free material bookings are essential for the internal flow of materials. This is ensured by intelligent software solutions that digitalize the material flow and enable material localization in real time.

The challenge: Material bookings are prone to errors and cost time

In-house material flow is important for efficient manufacturing and high product quality – and unfortunately often just as prone to error. In intralogistics, a lot of time is still often lost on material bookings. Once a part has been stored incorrectly, the laborious manual search begins. This slows down even the most intelligent production process, is nerve-wracking and costly.

The solution: Digitalization of the internal material flow and material localization in real time

Thanks to the Stock Management application of the Nexeed Industrial Application System from Bosch Connected Industry (Bosch CI), the position and quantity of production materials are known at all times. The reason: All material movements at the supermarket are automatically recorded and booked by RFID, barcode and/or sensor solutions.

The software not only automates booking in and out. To ensure that the personnel always know in which lane new material has to be stored, a put-to-light signal indicates the staging location. But that’s not all: they are alerted to any errors by light signals. This reduces both the error rate and manual search efforts.

In addition, so-called “visual tags” offer the possibility to see at any time in real time on which lane which material number is located. Even in case of a type or part number change, a manual change of the label is no longer necessary. In addition, the minimum and maximum stock levels as well as the system-side stock are displayed in real time.

The result: Maximum transparency over the internal material flow

In this way, the stock management application digitalizes the internal flow of materials and facilitates the work of logistics specialists. The flow of materials and information is synchronized in real time. Thanks to this newfound transparency, the position and quantity of production materials are known at all times. Automated bookings and digital relabels significantly reduce search and book efforts. In addition, dynamic lane occupancy ensures a significant gain in floor space in the smart supermarket.

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