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Azure Marketplace: OpenBlue Enterprise Management

IoT Use Case - Microsoft + Johnson Controls
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3 minutes Reading time

Intelligent Building Management with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager on Azure

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager is an integrated building management software solution offered by Johnson Controls on Microsoft Azure. It helps owners and operators improve sustainability, operational efficiency and space health with building technology data.

The challenge: Monitor building technology, manage buildings and drive sustainability

When managing buildings, owners or property managers have to reconcile very different goals. On the one hand, there is sustainability, which is not just about reducing the carbon footprint, but also about meeting other environmental and health parameters. On the other hand, goals such as the preservation of the building fabric as well as the increase in property value continue to be important.

As the inventor of the first electric tele-hermostat (1883), Johnson Controls offers a comprehensive portfolio of networked solutions for sustainability in building technology with OpenBlue on Microsoft Azure. The portfolio includes tailored, AI-infused service solutions, as well as remote diagnostic systems, predictive maintenance, risk assessments, and more.

The solution: A platform for comprehensive building management on Microsoft Azure

Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue Enterprise Manager is an integrated software solution on Microsoft Azure. As an operations center, it helps building owners and operators achieve their sustainability, operational efficiency and space health goals. The platform collects room, occupancy and environmental data from building technology. The system analyzes all data in Microsoft Azure with machine learning and uses it to build digital twins.

The platform provides building operators with a holistic overview in a simple user interface. The following modules of OpenBlue Enterprise Manager offer special functions for building management:

Asset Manager: Comprehensive fault detection and diagnostics optimize building performance and help schedule required maintenance. The system supports automatic generation of work orders in the maintenance platform used.

Alarm Manager: It It aggregates alarm messages from all building systems. Prioritization ensures that maintenance personnel receive all alarms that require urgent action. The quick overview improves time to response and reduces avoidable downtime.

Energy Manager: The Energy Manager manages and analyzes all energy sources and their use: thermal, water, electrical and CO2 emissions. Machine learning predicts energy demand and consumption. On this basis, energy-saving measures can be taken.

OpenBlue Connected Service: The service supports remote monitoring of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It improves the reliability and performance of building systems and reduces downtime.

Asset Manager: The app allows testing of different scenarios for a building in an interactive simulation. The cloud-based tool helps evaluate upgrades for the building and compare current to potential performance.

Tenant Portal: This feature helps generate monthly billing, spend reports, and benchmarks. It also allows tenants to manage their expenses in real time, log service tickets and provide feedback.

Dashboards: Data visualization widgets simplify building dashboards with relevant indicators. A modern reporting tool makes it possible to use predesigned reports or to quickly design and output your own reports.

OpenBlue Companion: This mobile app connects occupants and enables interactions between employees and visitors. It provides functions to find people, allows room reservation and gives access to lockers for visitors. In addition, it is also a secure contactless access card.

The result: Data analytics and functions for building management

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager helps companies achieve their sustainability goals. It also simplifies building management with its wide range of functions and analytics. OpenBlue supports many different industries. It optimizes building use in hospitals and schools, campuses, public buildings, manufacturing environments, and many other industries.

Click here to find the app in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace: OpenBlue Enterprise Management

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