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Proactive customer service with mobile app

Mobile apps make aftersales service fast, always available and simplify communication with customers.
IoT Use Case Kontron, Innolas
3 minutes Reading time
3 minutes Reading time

Customer service must be fast and available at all times. Mobile service apps for smartphones are an important tool for this. They allow easy communication between machine builder and customer.

The challenge: Aftersales services are becoming more prominent

Classic after-sales service in mechanical and plant engineering is predominantly reactive, in the form of maintenance and repairs. This benefits customers in their current situation, but overall the service is only selective – and moreover still often organized traditionally (“analog”). Service requests often reach the company by phone or e-mail and are then processed manually.

This was also the case at InnoLas Solutions from Krailing in Upper Bavaria. The globally active machine builder offers customer-specific process solutions for micromaterial processing with lasers. The speed of response in the service department was comparatively slow, as each inquiry first had to be forwarded to the right contact person.

The company was looking for a digital solution that could reduce response times and simplify customer contact. Based on the good experience, InnoLas Solutions decided to work with Kontron AIS, a development partner of many years. The company is a holistic solution provider from machine control and comprehensive integration services to visualization and processing of data in the cloud.

The solution: A service app based on EquipmentCloud®.

The digital service solution “EquipmentCloud®” from Kontron AIS is a service platform with an integrated knowledge database. It maps internal and external processes. It also collects and analyzes all plant-related data and information. Based on this cloud service, Kontron AIS has developed a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows customers to start a service request, see the asset status or read current information.

With the service desk integrated in the app, customers can quickly start new requests and see the current processing status at any time. In addition, the app also offers the possibility to request upgrades, service calls or other services. To ensure that customers get help quickly and effectively, the service is available 24/7.

EquipmentCloud® also allows users to monitor the status of their equipment in real time in the app and view key performance indicators such as throughput, availability and utilization. It also shows current and past incidents. Push messages inform about machine downtimes and upcoming maintenance.

The result: Direct communication with the service

The app is a mobile helper that keeps technicians and managers up to date with the latest information about machines and plants. It also allows direct, two-way communication between the machine builder and the end customer.

The app provides users with a good overview of all important key figures, malfunctions and machine availability. The expanded contact options have greatly reduced the service response time. This reduces downtimes and significantly improves the availability of the connected machine shop.

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