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Quality engineer reduces scrap and improves product quality

IoT Use Case Bosch
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2 minutes Reading time

Fault-free processes are crucial for the efficient production of high-quality products. Intelligent real-time monitoring ensures greater transparency and the optimization of safety- and quality-critical features, especially for joints such as bolts.

The challenge: Establishing error-free processes

Numerous factors must be taken into account in the production of safe and long-term reliable bolted joints. Even small deviations in torque and angle can lead to loosening of the connection, especially with heavily stressed parts. Often, the bolting process is insufficiently monitored and defects are only identified during final quality control or even at the customer’s premises.

For process and quality engineers, it is important to keep a close eye on all relevant parameters during each bolting operation – without having to stand at the workstation concerned. Immediate notification of deviations or changed settings enables faster response times and thus fewer scrap. In addition, the analysis of historical data reveals long-term optimization potential.

The solution: Live monitoring of bolting processes

The Nexeed Industrial Application System from Bosch Connected Industry enables error detection already during the bolting process. At best, errors can even be avoided entirely.

Process and quality engineers have everything in view via real-time process data monitoring in the user-friendly cockpit: Various measured variables and tolerances are collected, evaluated and visualized centrally as required. For example, torque and angle of rotation can be displayed as a bolting curve – and thus a direct statement can be made about the quality of the connection as well as comparability with others.

Furthermore, with the help of the rule configuration, exceeding of defined limits immediately leads to warning messages. This not only allows those responsible to take action quickly when problems arise. Systematic errors are also identified and their causes narrowed down. This enables a reaction even before scrap is produced.

The result: Strong quality improvements and higher efficiency

If errors occur frequently or processes do not run according to standards, this is detected immediately thanks to intelligent software. This transparency already supports fast and simple decision-making during production.

In this way, the perfect quality of all bolted connections is determined before delivery to the customer. Customers benefit from flawless quality of all bolted joints – and manufacturers from consistent product quality and optimized overall cost-effectiveness.

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