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Azure Marketplace: Capgemini Reflect IoD

IoT Use Case - Microsoft + Capgemini
4 minutes Reading time
4 minutes Reading time

Roll out digital twins in proof-of-value approach

Digital twins manage the current requirements for assets, processes and compliance. Reflect IoD is a cloud-native platform for a Digital Twin based on Azure that provides intelligent data management, monitoring and maintenance.

The challenge: Companies have to cope with constantly increasing demands on assets and processes

In all branches of industry, there are constantly increasing demands on the availability and reliability of machines and plants. Production must become more flexible, while at the same time overall costs are to be reduced. The logistics industry has a great need to optimize the operation of its vehicle fleets. Machine and plant builders need effective solutions for commissioning and maintenance. In addition, the number of standards and regulations is increasing in all industries. Compliance requires the quickest and most accurate overview possible of the structure and status of assets.

Companies therefore want to better analyze their assets and processes and the data they generate. A well-suited software solution is a digital twin. It is a virtual representation of a physical object, asset, or process that is updated in real time and based on real data. It enables the continuous monitoring of machines and plants as well as the simulation of different scenarios and operating conditions. Overall, companies can use it to automate and specifically optimize their processes.

The solution: A digital twin for data management, monitoring and maintenance

Capgemini Reflect IoD is a cloud-native digital twins platform deployed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, utilizing Azure Digital Twins services. It supports the integration of data in more than 60 formats.

These include:

  • Status data from IoT and OT systems,
  • Transactional data from MES, ERP or PLM applications,
  • Data from Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions,
  • Geographic information (ESRI, OpenStreetMap) and
  • Building Information Models (BIM).

All data sent to the cloud is aggregated and federated into a digital twin that can be visualized. It supports three application scenarios:

Intelligent data management:The digital twin allows qualified collection and intelligent modeling of data as well as its visualization. Optionally, there is a possibility to check the data quality. The result is a 360° view that enables 3D visualizations of all data points. In addition to the internal functions, there is also a REST API for external access to the data.

Intelligent monitoring: The digital twin has functions for continuous monitoring of different assets in real time. Native IoT integration supports event recording, alarms, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) management. A comprehensive visualization/monitoring provides easy insight into equipment performance.

Intelligent maintenance: The digital twin supports all operations in the field of maintenance from the creation of work orders to VR-based remote assistance of technicians. The twin has functions for integrating existing EAM systems (such as SAP or Infor) and remote maintenance solutions so that existing maintenance processes can continue to be used. The integration of all data – also from other systems – ensures that the analyses and simulations can also be used in this case.

Capgemini implements digital twins with a proof-of-value approach that emphasizes evaluation and prioritization of use cases. At the same time, the requirements for the OT/IT architecture and infrastructure are defined. Within 8 to 10 weeks, this method provides clear answers as to why and how a Digital Twin should be introduced.

The result: Greater operational efficiency at reduced costs

Intelligent data management with Reflect IoD makes it easier for companies to access information through flexible data models and supports decisions based on data. The monitoring and maintenance functions ensure a fast response to problems. At the same time, the remote maintenance functions reduce the need for personnel-intensive on-site operations. Improved operational efficiency and cost reductions are the result.

Click here to find the app in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Capgemini Reflect IoD – Digital Twin for augmented asset operation : 12 Wk Implementation

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