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Secure Connection of Road Equipment and Traffic Control Technology

IoT Use Case Cyprotect + sematicon
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3 minutes Reading time

In traffic telematics, all data must be transmitted in encrypted form, for example, to and from traffic control systems above the highway. The device manufacturer sematicon AG has developed a crypto module that works according to the plug&play principle.

The problem: Unsecured devices for traffic telematics

Congestion warning, parking guidance systems and traffic control on the highway – intelligent systems for traffic telematics optimize traffic flows and prevent accidents. Data is transmitted to a control center and commands are sent to the plants. It must be ensured that the information transmitted in the process is not distorted, as traffic disruptions or even traffic accidents could result. For this reason, road traffic engineering must also follow the rules for securing CRITIS facilities.

An important element of this protection is ensuring the origin and correctness of the data during transmission between the plant and the control center. A manufacturer of telematics products for traffic control technology wanted to make encryption hardware-based and simplify it. High requirements apply to the necessary equipment. They must be watertight and shockproof, as well as operate faultlessly in the temperature range from -40°C to +90°C and be available for longer than 10 years. An automated, signed and unalterable bidirectional transmission of data between the plant and the control center is desired.

The solution: A crypto module for the Industrial IoT

sematicon has developed the cryptography product family se.SAM™ (sematicon Security and Authentication Modules). With these crypto modules, industrial security requirements can be implemented easily and securely. They guarantee the authenticity of the data, the unalterable and correct functioning (integrity) and, through data encryption, the confidentiality of the industrial data.

The crypto modules are also characterized by stability, robustness and particularly easy handling. The devices can be retrofitted and also bring existing traffic control systems up to the latest IT security standards. They realize all cryptographic operations in hardware. This ensures optimal protection of the keys. They can be used flexibly across all operating systems and architectures without additional software, middleware or drivers. This makes the solution suitable for different industrial PCs and controllers. If required, the module can be installed in control cabinets or directly in machine housings and screwed there.

The modules are of German manufacture and are certified for use in IT and industry (OT, Operational Technology) and support many well-known interface standards. They also work in adverse environmental conditions outdoors. Another important advantage: sematicon guarantees long-term product availability in the same quality. The delivery time of the modules are adapted to the typical product cycles in mechanical engineering.

The robust components have a low repair cost and require little support and maintenance – important criteria in the industry. In KRITIS industries, the use of crypto modules enables rapid certification in the approval bodies. Due to the long availability, no constant recertifications are necessary, as for example with the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt). This saves companies the wait of one to two years until their equipment is re-inspected and allowed to be used.


The result: Simple data encryption for traffic telematics

se.SAM™ is an easy-to-integrate data encryption and data security solution for transport telematics. It is the prerequisite for data security and data protection. This means that the data obtained by traffic control systems cannot be falsified. Unlike other encryption solutions, the module is particularly flexible and can be installed in any device. The long availability ensures a stock protection in case of malfunctions, it can be replaced at any time even after a long period of operation.

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