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Securing and connecting machines and control systems by integrating a secunet edge

secunet BEKO Technologies IoT Use Case Edge Computing
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4 minutes Reading time

BEKO Technologies develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality, powerful and efficient components and systems for the treatment of compressed air, compressed gas and condensate technology.

BEKO Technologies currently has 520 employees in 15 branches and operates 6 production sites for the manufacturing of components. Within the scope of this project, secunet supported BEKO Technologies in connecting and securing machines and control systems through the use and integration of a secunet edge.

The focus of this project was on the following activities:

  • Securing and segmenting the selected networks by configuring the integrated firewall of the secunet edge
  • Connection via DHCP and authentication via certificate-based network access control using the 802.1X standard
  • Enabling secure data exchange between the components involved by using the protocol translation from SMBv1 to SMBv3

For all requirements, it was possible to fall back on standard functions of secunet edge, thus improving the security level and securing the systems involved.

secunet edge - IT/OT Security

secunet edge overview

secunet edge advantages at a glance

Highly secure connectivity

  • Safe, controlled and flexible integration of the machine into the network
  • Regulated access to machine and network
  • Secure integration into IoT platforms without having to permanently open networks

On-the-fly protocol translation in stealth mode (excerpt)

  • SMBv3 <-> SMBv1, SMBv2
  • sftp/ftps <-> smb/ftp
  • ssh <-> telnet

Stealth factory approach or micro-segmentation

  • Stealth mode firewall: The machine to be protected is invisible in the network
  • IP firewall mode: Segmentation of the network

Open, hardened container environment

  • Based on Docker Moby
  • APIs for interaction with integrated secunet edge firmware
  • Integration of your own containers
  • Compatible with major IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or PTC
  • Future-proof and investment-proof: Modular expansion possible to include additional applications
  • Flexible implementation of own business models

secunet BEKO Technologies IoT Use Case Edge Computing

secunet is Germany’s leading cybersecurity company. In an increasingly connected world, the company’s combination of products and consulting assures resilient digital infrastructures and the utmost protection for data, applications and digital identities. secunet specialises in areas with unique security requirements – such as cloud, IIoT, eGovernment and eHealth. With security solutions from secunet, companies can maintain the highest security standards in digitisation projects and advance their digital transformation.

Over 1,000 experts strengthen the digital sovereignty of governments, businesses and society. secunet’s customers include federal ministries, more than 20 DAX-listed corporations as well as other national and international organisations. The company was established in 1997, is listed in the SDAX and generated revenues of around 347 million euros in 2022.

secunet is an IT security partner to the Federal Republic of Germany and a partner of the German Alliance for Cyber Security.

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