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As one of the market leaders in drive and automation technology with 21.000 employees, SEW-EURODRIVE moves applications, processes, systems and machines in almost every industry – worldwide. They support customers from conception and planning to realisation and maintenance with holistic solutions for machine automation or for a modular, smart factory according to I4.0.

MAXOLUTION® System Solutions is an SEW brand for innovative automation solutions for rail-guided, line-guided and mobile autonomous systems, e.g. for the automotive industry or logistics.

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Stefan Schmitt, - SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG

Stefan Schmitt

R & D Engineer for mobile robotics / Entwicklungsingenieur, Chief Product Owner MAXOLUTION connected

R&D engineer at MAXOLUTION System Solutions, a brand of SEW-EURODRIVE. Since the end of 2022 Chief Product Ownership for the product development of MAXOLUTION connected: software solutions for networking Shopfloor Automation with the IT level.

rundes Porträtfoto von Peter Surig

Peter Sürig

Head of Department MAXOLUTION Factory Automation

rundes Porträtfoto von Tamiem Badawi

Tamiem Badawi

Group Manager Product Management for Industrial Gears

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Making diagnostics easy for valuable assets

Making diagnostics easy for valuable assets

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06. March 2024

Added values for flat steel production and Pay per x

Added values for flat steel production and Pay per x

maintenance - production - transport systems - Pay per Use - SEW Eurodrives...

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28. September 2020

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