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Added values for flat steel production and Pay per x


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maintenance - production - transport systems - Pay per Use - SEW Eurodrives

IoT Use Case Podcast Tamiem Badawi (SEW Eurodrives), Peter Sürig (

Podcast episode summary

In this episode, I talk to Peter Sürig and Tamiem Badawi from SEW Eurodrives about the added values of preventive and predictive maintenance. Through vibration, bearing and gear monitoring, Peter explains how predictive maintenance works using the DriveRadar cloud solution as an example. Peter then cites a use case from the food industry to give us an understanding of the added value of self-driving transport systems.

Those who come from industry certainly know SEW as an established brand and German manufacturer of drive technology. The company, which has around 18,000 employees, generates sales of 3.3 billion euros on the market. First of all, I talk to Tamiem about his specialist area, industrial gear units, which are often used in crane systems, bridges, sluices or conveyor belts – in other words, wherever high performance is required.

He brought us an exciting use case of his customer Wuppermann AG. They produce flat steel products (coils) and the Use Case is about the role of the maintenance supervisor – this supervisor monitors the plant operation of a so-called strip tension line. Here we answer the question: What is the added value for the maintenance engineer to use a cloud-based solution for bearing and gear monitoring – and what exactly does it look like?

Then we jump into Peter’s second exciting topic of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) – these have been on the market for a long time, but now with new approaches through additional data and new technologies. We talk about a Use Case from the food industry and how they can source the automated guided vehicle as a pay per use model when business picks up – cleverly billed by weight, distance traveled, number of orders, etc.

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