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For IoT providers

In our partner program we increase the awareness and perception of your company for IoT and create visibility for your reference projects. We would be happy to feature your use cases in our IIoT Use Case Format as well.

What use cases do you have?

The use cases are the foundation of our format and serve as storytelling for complex IIoT technologies, products and solutions. We take on the multiplier role for you in our channels. The use cases serve as the basis for all communication activities. We take care of the creation of editorial content, preparation and communication of your use cases in our channels. We operate independently of providers and enjoy a high level of trust among our customers.

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Here we present your use cases
and raise awareness of new IIoT technologies and opportunities​

The use cases will be presented in our channels with appropriate communication plan. Channels include our platform, LinkedIn, the IoT Use Case Podcast, and in our own events and new formats. The timing of the activities of the use cases is done in consultation and synchronization of planned actions within a year. We use our own and selected external channels to communicate use cases on a needs-specific basis. Through further IoT expertise collaborations with trade shows, influencers, associations, business development organizations, and trade shows, we are creating more visibility together, in addition to our own channels.

Three steps to collaboration
We look forward to getting to know your company and your use cases as well​

Step 1

You choose a date to get to know each other.

Step 2

You will receive an appointment confirmation with invitation link.

Step 3

We identify common starting points in personal exchanges.

Efficient through technology and communication expertise

IIoT solutions and products are complex and require good “storytelling” and content explanation.

The communication of IoT products and business models must therefore be understood, thought through and properly classified. We provide the right communication platform and channels to give your IoT and IIoT offerings the right stage. We help you in “IIoT networking”, open doors for you and connect you with suitable partners. This way you can network with “like-minded people” and sharpen one or two starting points or learning curves together.

Inspiring. Personal. Efficient. In all our channels.

We communicate and explain innovations and business potentials for our users. Our goal is to strengthen and share the know-how for the Industrial Internet of Things in order to make potentials for the German-speaking industry transparent and applicable in practice.

For this purpose, we have developed a special communication concept that helps us to screen a reference, explain the added values in practice and transfer the logic. For optimal communication, our neutral network role is important to us. This enables us to act in a manner tailored to customer needs.

The linchpin of all our activities are the use cases mentioned on our platform. We categorize implemented Industrial IoT projects as use cases to create an understandable classification of solutions on the market. Our “closed-loop” approach allows us to follow a common thread in all our activities, and to tailor content to users and requests. We constantly receive feedback on our content from our personal user network and optimize content.

Become our IoT partner and introduce your innovations from

This is how we talk about your use cases

We are the channel for IoT branding in the established and dusty industrial world! Through novel communication, our IoT community, use case methodology, inspiration, appropriate mindset and expertise from technology and communication, together we create reach and generate business potential.

Scope from us for you – We create texts and content for you for communication.

IoT Use Case Podcast

Internet of Things directly from the field for on the go! Our loyal listenership of the IoT Use Case Podcast has now passed the 1600 mark. Of course, this makes us particularly happy in the IIoT niche.

Social media activities

The “digital natives” are on LinkedIn. We use this channel to report on exciting use cases from the field. Here we provide our community with events, news and podcast episodes.

IIoT Network Activities

Close and personal cooperation is important to us. In addition to a dedicated user group and planned events, users are free to share best practices and make new contacts.

IIoT Cooperations

We also communicate the practical examples through our cooperation partners. We are happy to hold joint lectures in working groups, at associations and business development organizations.

Success stories, pilot projects and application examples give us the opportunity to use a concrete example to communicate the added value of your IoT offerings and solutions in practice and then transfer them specifically to suitable users.

Success Stories – Successful projects with customer references

You already have the first IoT success stories and are allowed to talk about them? The written documented customer references help to describe your product or service in practical use and from the objective point of view for our users. This can create trust in your company’s products or services.

Pilot projects – First IoT project with ongoing developments and active feedback

Have you launched the first IoT pilot projects? We communicate the developments prior to roll-out in our community at an early stage in order to answer questions of acceptance, economic viability, market potential and technical optimization. We provide additional support for your expertise here – through new contacts, feedback from our IoT community and best practices.

Application examples – Technical examples with application

Is your offering technically complex and in need of good storytelling? We use application examples that show real-world use and demonstrate the benefits. Here we communicateaway from technology – towards added value. We create the application examples from a neutral point of view with a good mix of digital communication and technological understanding.d

We bring context to your IoT offerings

Our IoT partners and customers

Industrial automation and machine builders today have individual applications with corresponding problems, which they solve together with your customer. Here you talk a lot with your customer about the specific processes and the use of your machines or components. An evolution from product to solution provider. This is how you make the data from your machines or hardware usable for customers! Their expertise packaged in a good database delivers new business models or maintenance strategies. Predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, email and app notifications or energy management are the keywords here.

You also face the task of explaining the added value of digitization to your customer. Your machinery and equipment need to get on the digitalization agenda! Their “durable” and “German quality” branding needs to transform to match the IoT image. Creating awareness and converting in the market is on the agenda. Up to now, your sales have been traditionally focused on machines – now digitalization is the order of the day.

We present relevant technologies – Whether mass market or niche