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Building automation: smart control, sustainable use

IoT Use Case - ICONICS, BIOME Project
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4 minutes Reading time

About Société Foncière Lyonnaise

Founded in 1879 by Henri Germain, Société Foncière Lyonnaise (SFL) is the oldest real estate company in France. SFL has a substantial portfolio of select properties located primarily in the Paris Central Business District, making it a prominent player in the Paris commercial property market. As such, the company attracts tenants seeking strategic prime locations and superior amenities with fully modernized office properties and premium retail units. Moreover, SFL has high-level expertise in remodeling major office complexes, identifying high-potential rental properties, and implement- ing active portfolio management strategies. Included in the company’s impressive portfolio is the BIOME Building.

About the BIOME Building

Located in the 15th arrondissement, the BIOME building benefits from a privileged location close to some of the most remarkable places in Paris. Its environment is both commercial, tertiary, and residential. Built in 1966 by architects Raymond Lopez and Fernand Leroy, the building is set on a tree-lined plot of land with two addresses. The building was vacated in November 2017 by its historical occupant SMA and completely redesigned by Société Foncière Lyonnaise. The new contemporary internal and external architecture is based on the flow of individual spaces and the maximum use of natural light. For example, the basements that were formerly technical spaces have found new uses thanks to the significant contribution of natural light. The BIOME project with approximately 25,000 m2 of space offers numerous service areas (business center, restaurants, cafeteria, fitness center, etc.), some housing units, and generous outdoor spaces (gardens, terraces, and balconies on all floors). The building is designed to be efficient and comfortable for its tenants and is aiming for ambitious and distinguished labels and certifications such as BBCA renovation, Biodivercity, HQE, BREEAM, LEED and WiredScore.

General Architecture Overview
Hydraulic Distribution
Hydraulic Distribution

Project Summary

SFL wanted its BIOME building to operate at the highest level of efficiency while also providing the utmost in tenant comfort and safety. Therefore, the company was in search of a building management software that could control and monitor the building’s climatic and electrical engineering installations and deliver real-time operational metrics. In particular, SFL wanted the software to provide:

  • Field equipment integration through full BACnet IP
  • HVAC energy status
  • Integration with plumbing / electrical meters
  • Upstream and piloting of the IP comfort management
  • Control of blinds / radiant panels
  • Control of DALI and DALI-2 lighting
  • Brightness management
  • Occupant detection
  • Comfort control from Bluetooth and virtual remote control
  • Dynamic rearrangement of comfort spaces


SFL chose system integrator CR System to oversee the project. Located in Saint Ouen l’Aumône near Paris, CR System is an automation software company that focuses on manufacturing, energy efficiency, and effective delivery of services for automated systems. Their consulting services, expertise, and experience are all centered on focusing their client’s resources on areas that will bring the greatest efficiency gains. Since CR System supports the design and operation of connected buildings, the company was well- suited for the project’s needs. Additionally, as a longtime partner with ICONICS, CR System chose the ICONICS automation suite for the BIOME building management software. Every year, CR System deploys many smart building supervision projects using ICONICS software solutions, which allows the company to rely on a Core Model structure (a project model template including asset configuration and HMI) for achieving engineering gains during project deployments.

ICONICS Products Deployed

ICONICS GENESIS64TM web-based real-time HMI/SCADA suite with WebHMITM was deployed for this project.

Realized Real-Time Benefits

The ICONICS software solution allows for centralized building control and monitoring. Moreover, the software allows the BIOME operational team to better monitor and control the building’s 25,000 square meters, giving them the ability to analyze the building as a whole and centralize all system data. Specifically, the BIOME op- erational team has increased operational intelligence by using dynamic real-time data and therefore has greater visibility into all building systems to control building work and comfort levels. In addition, the team can monitor and control all operational metrics resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Floor Overview
Floor Overview
Floor Overview
Floor Overview


The ICONICS software solution meets The Société Fonciere Lyonnaise’s operational needs for its BIOME building. SFL will continue to use GENESIS64 to monitor and control its BIOME building and will consider extending the use of ICONICS products in the future, should the need arise.

We have been working with ICONICS tools for more than a decade. Our field of activity requires constant innovation. ICONICS accompanies us and participates in proposing solutions for each project, allowing us to connect the building world with the OT and IT. This approach gives us great confidence and the tools needed to address our clients’ use cases in a predominantly service-centric economy.

Aerial View of the BIOME Building
Aerial View of the BIOME Building
BIOME Building Floor 1 Overview
BIOME Building Floor 1 Overview

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