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Compatibility and mobility for a hybrid team

IoT Use Case - Simplifier + SAERTEX
7 minutes Reading time
7 minutes Reading time

1. Initial situation and challenge

The company SAERTEX was struggling with a number of challenges in production. These included paper-based processes and a large number of different systems that could no longer be maintained and had to be replaced as quickly as possible. In the SAP field in particular, a shortage of skilled workers prevailed, making it difficult to implement applications on the one hand and the clean-core approach, necessitated by a paradigm shift on the part of SAP, on the other. In addition, SAERTEX had a location disadvantage in recruiting specialists due to its location in the Münsterland region.

Experienced with low-code

In fact, the hybrid team of front-end and back-end developers working for the textile specialist already had experience with low-code technology. However, none of the tested platforms was convincing in terms of providing mobile capability for the applications created. In addition, the requirements for simple and complete compatibility with SAP, SAP Sales Cloud and O365 were not met. These points, along with the desire for modern technology and optimal collaboration, were therefore decisive for SAERTEX in selecting a new low-code platform.

“As a medium-sized company, we have the typical challenge of finding the right resources. And with us, there is also the issue of SAP, which always requires special expertise. Finding the right people here in Münsterland, which is very rural and small, has always been very difficult, especially in the field of business applications. But Simplifier has given us the ability to create and integrate applications quickly and easily.”

2. Solution and results

SAERTEX was impressed with Simplifier’s technical capabilities. These include its ease of integration with SAP and its existing interfaces to existing systems on the store floor and top floor. The platform also offers a seamless user experience for ready-made applications, a well thought-out governance concept and a unified, structured tool chain. All of this was highly regarded by SAERTEX and led to rapid adoption of the platform.

“It was important for us to find a low-code/no-code platform that not only allowed us to get started with the application, but also offered many options beyond that. Simplifier offered us just that: a community that we can access at any time, and online courses that helped us a lot in the selection process. The feedback we got from the team was crystal clear: Simplifier is the first tool we really feel good about and get the idea behind. The connection to SAP and the ability to map the system landscapes and governance aspects are a huge advantage. Even the SAP developers, who may not necessarily know JavaScript, felt right at home.”

Achieved results

Thanks to the cooperative and productive collaboration between SAERTEX and Simplifier, challenges such as side-by-side development were successfully solved. Within only two months, concepts for cybersecurity, application development and clean core were worked out. All of Simplifier’s questions were answered, resulting in sustainable solutions and components such as reusable interfaces. This saves immense resources such as development effort and time and enables faster completion of applications and projects. The first application based on the Simplifier platform has already been completed and is being deployed in a production environment. Overall, SAERTEX has been able to reduce time-to-market by an average of one-third and save up to 20 project days by using Simplifier.

Simplifier’s role and access concept enabled a suitable governance approach to be developed, ensuring a secure implementation and minimizing risks. Overall, Simplifier is a platform that can keep up with the agility of mid-sized companies and allows for quick adjustments as priorities change. Economically, SAERTEX is already seeing positive results: with the solutions implemented, the return on investment was achieved in less than 12 months.

“The digitization of our manufacturing process is an important business case for us, and the return on investment is definitely a given. Whichever area we dig into, we find that we’re getting a positive ROI. The beauty of this is that we don’t have to recalculate ROI every time we move into a new area and need a new application. With Simplifier, we have a framework that helps us develop and implement new solutions quickly and effectively.”

3. Cooperation

In addition to the technical performance, SAERTEX was also impressed by the cooperation with the Simplifier team. The Simplifier experts answered all questions reliably and supported with information and materials for self-training. Challenges were actively solved and the team spirit was characterized by mutual appreciation. The clear assignment of Simplifier contact persons and good accessibility across all hierarchy levels contributed to the successful partnership, as did the joint development of know-how for new topics such as SAP CX and qualified contact persons for onboarding. The balanced cost-benefit ratio and the total cost of ownership in line with SMEs rounded off the positive picture of Simplifier.

“When selecting a low-code/no-code platform, it was not only the commercial aspects such as the total cost of ownership that were decisive for us. Above all, it was the vendor’s ability to respond to questions and ensure a partnership-based collaboration. This was extremely important to us and we ultimately rated Simplifier as the best vendor in this regard. So far, we have not been disappointed and I hope it continues.”

New Mindset

The successful collaboration between SAERTEX and Simplifier has led to a change in thinking. When developing new applications and workflows, people no longer talk about functions, but about processes and their optimization by means of digital transformation. Through efficient collaboration and the use of the Simplifier platform, complex challenges could be solved quickly and successfully. SAERTEX is completely pleased with the results and the cooperative partnership with Simplifier.

“We used to just talk about functions, but now it’s about the processes. We have noticed that it is not enough to simply have functions, but that they also have to fit into the process. This is especially crucial when it comes to digital production. Changing the way we think about processes was an important initiative because we are now able to talk about activities that trigger certain processes, and we have a framework now using Simplifier to help us do that.”

4. Outlook

SAERTEX plans to implement further paperless processes in production through additional applications. By digitizing all production processes and abolishing production papers in the various departments and replacing them with digital applications, all important information and data relating to machines and customers is to be made available digitally. A bidirectional, direct and digital connection and communication between production and administration is to be established.

“As a manufacturing company, the digitization of production is of utmost importance to us. We want to shift away from paper-based processes and digitize our production documents as well as the quality management. The goal is to create a smooth bidirectional exchange between production and administration and thus work more efficiently.”

In the long term, SAERTEX plans to establish the Citizen Development approach in the company. In the process, departments are to be successively integrated into application development through joint discussions based on Simplifier. The focus is to be on the optimization of processes through the use of digital technologies. SAERTEX is convinced that Simplifier is the ideal platform for the implementation of their plans and is looking forward to a continued successful cooperation.

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