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Connectivity-as-a-Service: Whitelabel solution for manufacturers

IoT Use Case - Epsilon Telecommunications
6 minutes Reading time
6 minutes Reading time

At a time when connectivity is often taken for granted, the importance of reliable connections between devices is becoming increasingly clear. For manufacturers who want to sell their assets, devices or machines with an IoT service, it is essential that these devices can communicate efficiently. This makes taking full advantage of modern applications and technologies possible.

Epsilon Telecommunications GmbH recognizes how critical this connectivity is for manufacturers, OEMs and integrators. Regardless of the industry, Epsilon’s FUSION IoT brand offers customized connectivity solutions that ensure they can provide their customers with smart devices, plants or machines with reliable connectivity in different use cases.

The challenge: Ready-to-use solution without suitable connectivity

In an ever-changing world where customer requirements and market conditions are constantly in flux, the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly becoming a key differentiator for manufacturers. It is no longer enough to simply bring physical products to market. To remain competitive, manufacturers must recognize the added value of connected, data-driven services and put it into practice.

To remain competitive, manufacturers must recognize the added value of connected, data-driven services and put it into practice. Their goal is to find out how and to what extent their devices, machines or plants can be controlled by data. During these agile development phases, new requirements and use cases often emerge. Often, it only becomes visible during this process which specific data sets are needed at different locations for various use cases.

But what if a manufacturer who has developed an innovative IoT solution is working in a place without an Internet connection? Or if they don’t have the technical know-how to make a stable connection? This is one of the biggest challenges: Ensuring reliable, comprehensive connectivity that is precisely tailored to the respective use cases. Without a robust connectivity solution, these IoT-based services and products cannot leverage their full potential. Many manufacturers, therefore, seek solutions from standard network providers but often encounter offers that are not flexible enough to adapt to changing needs and requirements.

Adapting these solutions to a company’s specific requirements usually requires a commitment in terms of purchase volumes or quantities. This puts pressure on medium-sized companies to commit themselves in an early project stage, often before they know exactly what quantities they will actually need.

Another obstacle is the price-performance ratio. Even when manufacturers find a connectivity solution that meets their specific requirements, they face costs that make it difficult to bring their IoT solutions to the market at competitive prices.

This is where FUSION IoT powered by Epsilon emerges as a solution. As an expert in connectivity, Epsilon supports and advises manufacturers during these agile phases. Even when manufacturers find a connectivity solution that meets their specific requirements, they face costs that make it difficult to bring their IoT solutions to the market at competitive prices. This offers them not only flexibility, but also a decisive competitive advantage in the IoT landscape.

The solution: Epsilon as a specialist for use-case-specific connection

Connectivity requires reliability. Epsilon with its FUSION IoT brand therefore works independently of network operators and can thus bundle different technologies and providers in one tariff. Through its independent position and expertise in connectivity technology, the telecommunications company offers specific connectivity solutions that are precisely tailored to customers’ individual requirements. A core part of the Epsilon solution is the SIM management portal. From the moment the first SIM card or connectivity is ordered, the customer receives full access to the portal and its functions.

The customer can first run various test scenarios to check the exact data consumption at different locations. After this test phase, Epsilon offers a “dynamic pool” in which each SIM card contributes a certain data volume to the pool. All these individual cards access the total volume. Using this model, you can avoid incurring extra costs when data usage varies among individual cards.

The SIM Management Portal goes beyond the traditional management approach and offers a multi-level approach. The system handles the administration of connectivity by managing, assigning and monitoring network connections. It also takes care of billing, which involves recording, billing and reporting resource usage. This gives customers a centralized platform on which they can manage all aspects of their connectivity and billing needs.

Another decisive advantage of the SIM management portal is that the management remains invisible to the end customer. Manufacturers and service providers can sell their connectivity solutions directly to their customers under their own brand, while Epsilon acts in the background.

The SIM Management Portal can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. For example, if a company already has a CRM system in operation, it can continue to use this system and simply obtain the data from the management platform via the API interface.

The result: Customized connectivity solution for Connectivity-as-a-Service

Epsilon offers Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) as a white label solution for partners. This makes it possible for them to start small with a pay-as-you-use method and flexibly switch between different usage scenarios.

Five relevant main features and benefits of this service are:

  1. Independence from network operators: Customers do not need to approach traditional network operators, as the company has the expertise and ability to bundle different networks.
  1. Security: The company provides high security standards, for example through VPN solutions.
  1. White label solution: Manufacturers can resell the company’s connectivity services to their end customers as their own brand.
  1. Customized solutions: The company offers customized solutions based on the specific requirements and needs of the customer.
  2. Economic advantages: Customers are not burdened by high initial investments or long-term commitments. They only pay for what they actually use and have access to a comprehensive service package, starting with the first SIM card.

Through Epsilon’s SIM management portal, different technologies and different network operators can be bundled into a single tariff. This reflects the offered technological diversity. In addition, the company is working on the release of a future-oriented eSIM solution in the coming year that will enable remote changing and customization of connectivity profiles, which is particularly beneficial for international applications.

Another feature is the company’s extensive partner network. This network enables customers to connect with experts in specific technologies, such as sensor technology. It is clear that the company is particularly targeting manufacturers and integrators who are interested in an “as-a-service” model and do not want to be dependent on traditional network operators.

At its core, Epsilon ensures that its customers have continuous, reliable and customized connectivity, regardless of specific technology or geographic location. They understand the essential importance of connectivity and provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that data can be collected and used efficiently and effectively.

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