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Custom Hardware – Individually Developed for Connected Applications

IoT Use Case - HK.SYSTEMS, Pager F.R.E.D.
4 minutes Reading time
4 minutes Reading time

For those who want to connect their applications, manage data in the cloud or enable components to communicate with each other in the Internet of Thingsone thing is crucial: finding the right partners who understand the project and can develop the appropriate components. HK.Systems is such a partner offering a wide range of custom solutions for various industries. With the Pager F.R.E.D., HK.Systems meets the highest standards of reliability and practical usability in any (alarm)situation.

The Challenge: Ensuring the highest reliability in digital alarm systems

Reliability can be a significant hurdle, especially for alarm systems like pagers, as the situations in which they are needed, such as firefighting operations or large events, are typically characterized by overloaded communication channels. Therefore, an outstanding pager must be able to overcome this challenge. Many devices lack the ability to transmit to operational radio equipment, mobile networks, or wireless telephone systems. All of these channels could take over alarm transmission in case of an emergency if it weren’t for protocols and standards that often hinder unified device usage.

In the case of alarm devices, the goal is to develop a secure solution that is also easy and intuitive to operate in a hazardous situation and housed in a robust enclosure. To become a true IoT solution for the digital world, the device must also be capable of connectivity. The requirements for individual hardware components for end-to-end communication need to be combined with the right transmission technologies. Additionally, it is crucial for development partners to listen carefully and understand the requirements of each industry to ensure the development aligns perfectly with the application.

The solution: Redundancy through mobile network technology ensures pager operation

To meet these requirements, HK.SYSTEMS has developed the Pager F.R.E.D. (First Response Emergency Deployment). F.R.E.D. is a two-way pager, meaning that it automatically sends an acknowledgment of receipt to the control center after each alarm. Feedback from the user is also possible. The device’s GPS location can be easily enabled or disabled as needed. This allows the control or coordination center to have real-time visibility of the availability and position of each team member.

To ensure that the alert is reliably delivered within seconds, redundancy was a priority during development. This pager communicates over the modern LTE-M network (also known as LTE CAT M1). LTE-M is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology that enables the reuse of an LTE-installed base with extended coverage. It was designed to enable devices and services specifically for IoT applications. LTE-M offers a data rate from 1 to 4 Mbit/s, greater mobility, and voice capability over the network. This means operating within existing networks with higher coverage, low power consumption (minimum 10-year battery life), and low device complexity.

Another feature of the device is the use of redundant, bidirectional, and encrypted data connections that are constantly established with each pager. This allows for the use of various mobile network technologies, and the system always knows which response units are available and reachable. Each F.R.E.D. pager constantly checks its connection and transmits its status to the coontrol center.

Thanks to the patented IP-based data protocol, the alerting of almost all pagers occurs within seconds, even in situations with weak signal strength and overloaded networks. Additionally, a high level of security is ensured through end-to-end encryption at the data and protocol level, as well as integrated VPN tunnels. Integration with respective control systems is achieved effortlessly through open interfaces (API).

The result: Reliability and practical usability in any (alarm) situation

HK.SYSTEMS has developed the Pager F.R.E.D., an ideal solution for industries, fire departments, rescue and care services, as well as event management – in other words, for all scenarios where safety operations need to be coordinated quickly and reliably. A fast, digital, and redundant operating principle integrated into reliable, robust, simple, and straightforward technology guarantees round-the-clock security.

HK.SYSTEMS manufactures in Germany and primarily produces the self-developed hardware using its own 3D printers. This ensures that the devices truly meet the requirements and are tailored to the specific task. As a result, HK.SYSTEMS’ IoT solutions prove their worth in safety-critical applications such as the described alarm system, as well as in leakage monitoring of hazardous substances and other similarly specialized tasks.

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