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Higher Motivation of Employees and Productivity with Real-Time Data on the Shop Floor

IoT Use Case - Peakboard + Aquis
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5 minutes Reading time

Aquis Systems AG, founded in 1995, has established itself as a leading supplier of innovative water treatment solutions and as a leading OEM with electronic solutions for sanitary technology. With 300 dedicated employees, the Swiss company offers high-quality sanitary technology to both public and commercial sectors. Aquis is faced with the challenge of analyzing and visualizing production and process data already during production in order to bring information about unit counts and quality to the employees in good time.

The challenge: Working with Excel spreadsheets and time delays on the shop floor

In Aquis’ production facilities, huge amounts of data are generated every day, collected by a multitude of sensors and machines. This flood of information was previously stored in different systems and formats, resulting in a high degree of complexity and information deficits.

The process was as follows: A maximum of three experts were busy manually installing faucets controlled by sensors on 15 production stations. Each station is assigned a tester whose task is to check electrical and mechanical components, leak tightness, and the software and hardware of the final product. The results of these tests were documented in an SQL database.

Following this data documentation, the information was imported into an Excel spreadsheet. This data analysis was used to improve work processes and increase the quality of the products. Through this analysis, the company gained knowledge about the error rate of production, for example, and also about the quantity produced at the end of the working day.

But instead of having a detailed overview of the production figures after the end of the shift, the goal was to obtain them while production was still running so that adjustments could be made at the earliest possible time. But the time-consuming evaluation and long data update times – often several hours – made this difficult.

The solution: Data visualization and management with Peakboard

Aquis found the solution in Peakboard’s Operational Excellence platform and dashboards. Peakboard is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to deliver real-time data from a variety of sources in a simple, efficient and customized manner. The system can present information on displays of any size and is primarily used in production and intralogistics areas. Peakboard combines the simplicity, flexibility and the visualization capabilities of a digital signage application with the complexity of technical process data and indicators. However, improved visualization is just one of many use cases with Peakboard. It is also possible to write back data or build a shopfloor management system or an MES “light”. In addition, older machines can also receive an uncomplicated retrofit. In the case of Aquis, Peakboard’s Operational Excellence platform directly accesses the SQL database and extracts the desired data. Some manufacturing elements that were indicated as defective often turned out to be defect-free immediately after the dashboards were implemented. Data updates are reduced from hours to real time, facilitating communication between departments. Analysis of errors can now be performed efficiently and error rates can be classified as software, hardware or mechanical errors. For this, lists no longer have to be printed on paper; the data is available in real time. All parties involved can now better understand causes, which means that optimization measures are recognized more efficiently and gain greater acceptance. Designing the interface through online tutorials was easy and possible without external help. After just a four-hour workshop, the first design could be executed in real time, and another, much more advanced dashboard could be created. An additional workshop with Peakboard helped finalize the details.
Peakboard Dashboard, Produktionsstatus und Messwerte

The result: Increased efficiency, employee satisfaction and productivity through digital dashboards

The implementation of Peakboard allows Aquis Systems to visualize all sites and display KPI’s in real time. Daily as well as weekly, monthly and annual output can be displayed in real time for all sites.

Orders per station, achievement rate, and defect rates are also displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard.

With Peakboard’s solution, it is now also possible to perform deep analysis of the performance of individual stations. This analysis makes it possible to evaluate the current state and effectiveness of each station. Process quality can be reflected on together with the employees involved and the associated quality managers in order to interpret the findings and develop possible measures for improvement.

In the future, the company plans to introduce an Andon Board that displays material availability and enables automatic reordering in the event of material shortages. This can prevent downtime.

By implementing Peakboard, Aquis can not only solve its data issues, but also significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of its production facilities. The digital dashboards enable employees to grasp all relevant information at a glance and react quickly to changes. In addition, the improved transparency and control of production data lead to higher satisfaction among employees. Thus, by working with Peakboard, Aquis Systems AG has not only found a technical solution, but has also paved the way for sustainable and future-oriented production control.

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