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Intelligent Energy Chain Systems Optimize Automotive Production

IoT Use Case - igus
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4 minutes Reading time

Automotive manufacturers face the challenge of constantly developing more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions in order to remain competitive. Here, smart energy chain systems offer a promising opportunity to optimize production processes and reduce costs at the same time. igus, a leading supplier of plastic components and energy supply systems, has developed intelligent solutions that help improve automotive production.

The challenge: Increasing efficiency and reducing costs in automotive production

The automotive industry is characterized by constantly increasing demands on efficiency, quality and flexibility in production. Automotive manufacturers are under pressure to continuously optimize their production processes in order to remain competitive and meet the growing demand for individual vehicle configurations. Automotive manufacturers are under pressure to continuously optimize their production processes in order to remain competitive and meet the growing demand for individual vehicle configurations. With 18 to 19 shifts per week, the power supply must withstand millions of cycles. In this context, the energy supply systems that ensure the safe and reliable supply of electrical cables and hoses in production are of crucial importance. However, conventional energy supply systems cannot always meet the high demands of modern automotive production due to their limited monitoring capabilities and adaptability to different production conditions.

The solution: Intelligent energy supply system from igus

igus has developed a range of intelligent energy chain systems that are specially tailored to the requirements of automotive production. These systems offer numerous advantages for the industry. They combine the advantages of high-quality materials, advanced sensor technology and easy integration into existing production lines to provide an industrial-grade, high-performance and future-proof solution.

On the one hand, they enable predictive maintenance, as they are equipped with sensors and monitoring functions. These so-called smart plastics make it possible to monitor the wear and service life of the systems in real time. In this way, potential problems can be identified and corrected at an early stage before they lead to failures. i.Sense EC.B modules monitor the energy chain as a whole and offer integrated abrasion and breakage monitoring. A polymer wire within the energy chain complementary to the sensor system provides more reliable condition monitoring than naked eye inspections. The limits for pretensioning the wire must be adapted to the operating environment and configured accordingly, as the ambient temperature influences the length of the energy chain.

This enables early detection of wear and potential breaks that can lead to failures and downtime in production. Early identification of problems enables vehicle manufacturers to plan and carry out maintenance work in good time, before critical situations arise.

Another advantage of the intelligent energy chain systems from igus is their increased service life and reliability. By combining high-quality materials and innovative technologies, igus ensures that the systems function reliably even under demanding conditions in automotive production.

In addition, the intelligent energy chain systems from igus are easy to integrate into existing production plants. This enables seamless collaboration between different systems and contributes to a more efficient and cost-effective production.

The results: Improved efficiency and cost savings in automotive production

The implementation of igus’ intelligent energy chain systems in automotive production has led to significant improvements. Predictive maintenance and the increased reliability of intelligent energy chain systems can minimize downtime in production. This leads to improved efficiency and cost savings for vehicle manufacturers.

The i.Sense modules received an “Innovation of the Month” award following their introduction at the Austrian engine plant. The performance of the break-proof energy chain systems was already convincing in the beta phase, which led to plans to equip further energy chains with break monitoring. The automotive manufacturer thus benefits from an additional safety level in the production processes. Expensive consequential damage is already avoided by timely alerting and resulting visual inspections directly after introduction.
The simple integration of igus systems into existing production facilities enables flexible and adaptable manufacturing that can adapt to the constantly changing requirements of the automotive industry. This contributes to increased productivity and competitiveness.

Continuous monitoring of the energy chain systems contributes to an extended service life of the components, which has a positive effect on the total cost of production.

Overall, the introduction of igus’ intelligent energy chain systems in automotive production shows how innovative solutions can help improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the industry. With this technology, automotive manufacturers are better equipped to meet the challenges of a highly competitive market and continuously optimize their production processes.

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