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Lego building kit for IoT projects – structured innovation without PowerPoint


IoT Use Case - AXULUS
4 minutes Reading time
4 minutes Reading time

IIoT solutions for warehouses and logistics almost always require individual configuration. But still, there are many common elements. With the AXULUS digital building blocks, companies can configure Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) applications themselves based on existing templates. In contrast to the available IoT platforms, AXULUS is completely technology and provider agnostic, i.e. the IIoT solutions can be composed of any leading or specialized technologies in the way that makes the most sense for the customer-specific use case.

The challenge: Processes in logistics are to be digitized

Logistical processes often rely heavily on manual labor and manpower. But networking with the Industrial IoT (IIoT), sensor technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies allow their digitization and automation. For example, many companies design data-based processes in warehousing, transportation or manufacturing by using digital image recognition (computer vision), among other things. The combination of different technologies is crucial for the extensive automation of processes and transport and warehouse logistics. To this end, the logistics workstations, as well as equipment, are networked to provide employees with the best possible support in their work. The second prerequisite: A collection of all relevant data with different end devices. This data is sent to the cloud via Industrial IoT and automatically analyzed with data analytics. This basic pattern is the same, but there are differences from company to company. One example: A company wanted a solution that would automate all inventory processes as much as possible. For an inventory, drones photograph or scan the labels on pallets in the top rows of shelves and send the data to appropriate logistics applications. There is no off-the-shelf application for this, the effort for the solution design is large.

The solution: Design IIoT solutions for production and logistics yourself with guidance

IoT solutions for production and logistics are often a form of custom development, as premises, storage strategies and processes have significant variations between individual companies and areas. The food manufacturer chose an offer from Reply, which specializes in the development, design and implementation of digital solutions based on new technologies.

For the implementation of the solution and its design, Reply’s AXULUS offers technology-independent digital building blocks for applications in the field of Industrial IoT (Internet of Things): Users develop solutions from sensor to app based on pre-specified solution modules and entire solution templates, independent of technology or provider. These are adapted in detail to local conditions and the technology already in use. This creates solution variants that are visible to all team members and are always backed up with KPIs and work steps for the people on site. These variants are then given to software development and you can immediately see which parts have already been installed somewhere and which need to be set up or developed anew (e.g. integrations, data models or new dashboards). An integrated Artificial Intelligence makes suggestions and supports to continuously improve the own projects. Companies thus have all their innovative ideas, their implementation and variants, available in one place in an evaluable and transparent manner. In the long term, they will also have full and detailed visibility of all implemented IoT solutions and the technology used in the field, and will be able to integrate, further develop or replicate them at any time.

The solution presented here: The drone is connected to an inventory system and therefore knows which pallet must be in which place. It checks the top places and in case of inventory discrepancies it is counted again. This means that employees do not have to use forklifts to bring the pallets to the floor.

The result: All use cases centrally in one place, standardized and reusable

AXULUS offers a number of pre-installed templates, which each company can then adapt as desired and individually to its circumstances. This creates a library of reliable Solutions designs, ideas and features unique to each. It is up to the customers themselves which parts are developed in-house or outsourced to partners. For this purpose, AXULUS provides its own partners or draws on the deep Industrial and Consumer Goods IoT expertise of Reply’s sister companies.

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