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Azure Marketplace: Cognite Data Fusion

IoT Use Case - Microsoft + Cognite
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5 minutes Reading time

No more time-consuming data search: Making operational data instantly available

To accelerate digital transformation, especially in industries with critical infrastructure and global activity, Cognite Data Fusion offers the right platform to quickly provide operational asset data. The software can be obtained as an application from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, freeing users from the time-consuming and costly search for the right data.

The challenge: Data search consumes valuable expert time and slows down the development of solutions

When digitization processes in companies come to a standstill, the reasons are mostly found within the organization itself. Collaboration between experts is crucial to make data accessible, valuable, and usable for users within an organization. Industrial operational data is a necessity, but it must be processed and provided in the right way to unlock its full potential. Currently, professionals spend most of their time searching and preparing data from various sources and formats. This often results in inefficient work organization, as experts should be able to focus on analyzing data and developing data-driven solutions. However, the data search process is often exceedingly complex that the actual core process is often neglected.

There is a great need for simplification here, especially in globally operating organizations, while at the same time the data must be stored and maintained in a resilient and secure manner. Large amounts of data need to be structured and visualized, a task that can no longer be accomplished manually. It has been proven that 80% of the time is spent on data search, and there is also great uncertainty about whether the latest versions are available.

An agile approach is required to generate added value from data. This involves not so much documentation but rather a creative exchange between data experts and professionals in various departments. Dynamic processes are needed to develop the organization profitably, future-proof, and sustainably.

Traceability is a critical success factor in large structures. Optimizing error search saves considerable time and human resources.

The solution: Realizing a digital twin of the entire organization in real time with Cognite Data Fusion

Cognite Data Fusion from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace contextualizes all operational asset data in real-time. This provides companies with a trustworthy, resilient foundation for decisions regarding maintenance, production, and safety. The search and presentation of all data on the platform are tailored to users’ requirements with a user-friendly graphical interface. Technologies used by Cognite Data Fusion for this solution include hybrid AI, Big Data, machine learning, and 3D modeling. Cognite Data Fusion connects simulation data with physical information and allows the editing of digital twins.

Organizational performance increases as soon as the decision towards digital maturity is made. This decision leads to data-driven development, improving product quality and optimizing all processes. Cognite Data Fusion enables a digital representation of industrial reality. It is possible to display all component information in overview graphics with metadata and measurement series. Each individual feature can be selected and displayed with all detailed data.

Configuring monitoring and alarms is an essential part of professional work. Cognite Data Fusion simplifies and speeds up these calculations. All thresholds are easily stored in Data Fusion, and all notifications are set up here. In this way, it is easy to ensure that everyone in the entire company is informed about events simultaneously and that the entire notification process runs automatically along with the stored follow-up actions.

The differentiated configuration leads to highly detailed queries with assured complete results. It appears that the data has learned to speak in a “human” manner.

Visualization with other systems is carried out according to customer requirements. This ensures that the necessary information is always available in the desired form for each company area: the crew of an offshore platform needs background information on a specific piece of equipment – up to the exchange with product experts. For demand-oriented maintenance, the planner on land retrieves completely different information from the same component, from history to current sensor data to deployment planning, to organize maintenance efficiently and according to needs.

Individually configured dash boards can also be sorted according to different priorities. They display information from any number of locations and sources.

Based on the stored measurement data, the dashboard also suggests possible reasons for currently occurring errors. This function speeds up troubleshooting and makes the entire process more efficient by intelligently using and providing the existing data.

As companies grow, Cognite Data Fusion supports plans, makes production more efficient, and saves time and energy. Cognite Data Fusion meets the basic need for accessible data for complex applications in critical infrastructure and asset-intensive industries. The focus is on the specialist departments as the primary users of the data. The data should be accessible and usable for them. They work with the result of the contextualized data.

The result: faster data retrieval and analysis accelerate all other processes and deliver impressive ROI (Return on Investment)

The mere liberation from data search frees up expert resources in companies. This alone increases productivity by about 70&nbsp%. If the information from various sources can be found intuitively via a single access point, the data search becomes 7 to 12 times faster. The contextualized data is over 70&nbsp% faster for analysis since the links are automated. This accelerates the entire decision-making process by at least a factor of 10.

The conscious decision to use operational data company-wide leads to digital maturity and thus digital success. Cognite Data Fusion solves the main challenges of cloud data architects, data scientists, and citizen developers, enabling them to use industrial data for large-scale AI deployment. Previously isolated expertise becomes more democratic through data access and contextualization. The developed models are easily scalable and thus available for real-world use shortly after their development.

Click here to find the app in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Cognite Data Fusion

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