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Real-time digital mapping of large data volumes in production

IoT Use Case Peakboard und Pankl Racing Systems AG
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4 minutes Reading time

With 2200 employees in seven locations worldwide, Pankl Racing Systems AG, founded in 1985, is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-tech mechanical systems for dynamic components in the global niche markets of the racing, luxury automotive and aviation industries.

The challenge: Handwritten lists lead to lacking overview of production data

Monitoring 20 plants and 10,000 m² of production area used to be done via printed lists on a magnetic board, which were updated every 2 hours by employees and transferred to Excel by the production planning department at the end of the shift. This led to a loss of overview, as only shift and production managers received visualized data and causes of error could only be determined imprecisely and with a time delay.

Therefore, they started looking for a solution for a central display of current production data, which would inform employees in real time about the status of their plant. The aim was to find a solution that was as flexible as possible, that would become the new standard in the Group, and that would minimize the effort and avoid the error-proneness of the previous system.

The solution: Data visualisation using Peakboard Andon Board for real-time monitoring of production data

Peakboard offers the software needed to create the dashboards, Peakboard Designer, as a free download. This makes it easy to test whether Peakboard is the right solution for the requirements. A large selection of free dashboard templates further facilitates the start.

The requirements for the solution are the lowest possible personnel and financial expenditure for data connection and visualization as well as flexibility and independence from a partner. Peakboard does not require extensive training compared to other providers and the solutions can be comprehended entirely without programming knowledge, as they are easy to create even for a non-expert using Building Blocks, the visual code editor in Peakboard Designer. The simplicity in creation allows companies to experiment with different visualizations, whereas with classic software tools, changes and errors have to be made and fixed at high cost and with the involvement of IT. This allowed Pankl to experiment with 25 visualisations at first, which quickly proved to be too extensive, before finding and applying an uncomplicated solution within half a day.

The database is produced by the Business Application Team and an SQL database is programmed so that there is no need to directly access the EPR, as this was not wanted in this case. This means that the IT department only has to import the data into a separate system and does not have to take action itself from this point on.

With currently six Peakboard Boxes, the associated hardware, which autonomously extract the data from the connected data sources to display them on a screen, 20 production lines and production processes are now digitally visualized at two locations. In addition, Peakboard also collects information that has not yet been digitized.

The result: Complete transparency enables more agile processes and faster responses

With the help of Peakboard, employees now have an overview of the most important parameters, such as the current order and its target specification, as well as information about the current number of pieces, the machine status and reasons for machine downtimes. Shift supervisors can now see all necessary information at a glance and also remotely.

The information can be displayed on a main screen and three sub-screens via the displays mounted in the respective production sections and can also be accessed in the home office. Instead of taking 15 minutes to manually record and pass on machine downtimes, all Pankl employees now know whether the production speed is on track or not down to the minute, and the shift supervisors can take countermeasures earlier in the event of deviations. The main screen and the Peakboard Hub, the management platform for all visualizations, provide technical managers, plant managers and the planning department with an overview of the current production progress. In addition, a shift report is automatically generated from the data and sent out in the mail distribution list, as this information provides a competitive advantage for executives at a 24/7 producing company. Planning and logistics are significantly improved by this solution and the real-time display now allows a targeted root cause analysis in case of problems.

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