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Retrofit: Simple condition monitoring for existing systems

IoT Use Case - Balluff CMTK
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3 minutes Reading time

To prevent malfunctions and failures in their machines and plants, companies must continuously monitor the status of their systems. To prevent malfunctions and failures in their machines and plants, companies must continuously monitor the condition of their plants. The Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) from Balluff enables flexible and manufacturer-independent monitoring.

The challenge: Condition monitoring for older industrial plants

Industrial plant operators must efficiently monitor the condition of their machines and systems in order to avoid unplanned downtime and machine stoppages. Systems for networking with the Industrial IoT help to automatically monitor the systems not only on site, but also remotely.

However, the introduction of such monitoring solutions is complex and expensive for older existing systems, as they often do not meet the necessary technical requirements. Added to this is the complexity of developing a solution for the Industrial IoT. Medium-sized companies in particular can easily reach their limits here.

You need a retrofit kit that is as simple as possible, works with machines and plants from different manufacturers and is not dependent on a connection to an (also often older) industrial control system. This retrofit capability must make it possible to implement digital machine monitoring without touching the existing systems.

The solution: A condition monitoring toolkit suitable for retrofitting

One such solution is the Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) from Balluff, which offers all the important functions for industrial plant monitoring. It works through a combination of hardware, software and sensor technology that enables efficient and comprehensive condition monitoring.

The basis of the CMTK is the base unit, a hardware component equipped with integrated software for collecting and evaluating sensor data. It works as a central component to which up to four IO-Link sensors can be connected. They monitor parameters such as temperature, vibration and pressure. The connection is manufacturer-independent and existing sensors can be used without any problems.

The base unit collects the data from the sensors and evaluates it to determine the current condition of the components. The CMTK is a self-sufficient system that functions independently of cloud infrastructures or the machine control system. All data is stored and processed locally. It is also possible to monitor machines and plants remotely and transfer data to the cloud using the standard MQTT protocol.

The software on the base unit helps with the setting and monitoring of threshold values. They can be configured individually, depending on the specific requirements. If the defined reference values are exceeded, the system issues a warning message. This enables companies to ensure that their production always runs according to plan.

The result: Greater efficiency in the monitoring of industrial plants

Regardless of the type of plant, the CMTK from Balluff is flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of industrial applications, such as motors, pumps, hydraulic units, fans and air systems. Overall, the Condition Monitoring Toolkit offers a comprehensive solution for operators of industrial plants. It helps to prevent unplanned downtimes, reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of the plants. With its flexibility and user-friendliness, it enables operators to closely monitor the condition of their plants and react to problems in good time to ensure a smooth production process.

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