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Robots for construction chemicals in prefabricated construction

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3 minutes Reading time

When you want to build a house as quickly as possible, you often go for prefabricated construction. In the process, the individual house parts are manufactured beforehand in a production line. Construction chemicals are often used there for waterproofing or stabilization. This is labor intensive and entails health risks. Many suppliers therefore use robots that are networked in the Industrial IoT and receive information about the components as a result.

The challenge: lack of qualified professionals to work with construction chemicals

A globally active chemical company has set itself the goal of transforming itself from a pure chemical producer to a service provider for entire industries. In terms of the construction industry, this means that the supplier does not merely manufacture construction foam, but develops a system solution.

The construction industry is currently suffering badly from problems in the supply chain and a shortage of qualified workers. As a result, many companies can no longer meet the consistently high demand in a rapidly growing market. This also affects the suppliers of prefabricated houses. Among other things, they use foams produced by the chemical company to fill, bond and insulate the individual parts of a prefabricated house.

The solution: A robotics solution for foaming the components

To address the shortage of skilled labor, many prefabricated housing providers are using robotics solutions for foaming the components. The chemical company commissioned the Frankfurt-based IIoT specialist daenet to develop a customized software solution for controlling the optimal foaming of the walls.

This resulted in a Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that accelerates the finishing of structural building components by automating critical production processes with the use of construction chemicals. The modular IIoT manufacturing component can be seamlessly inserted into an existing production line.

Management, maintenance and just-in-time procurement of the construction chemicals used are part of the service and use daenet’s cloud platform. By using this innovative automation solution, companies in the construction industry are able to better serve the consistently high demand on the customer side. In this way, daenet was able to significantly increase the industrial efficiency of the chemical company.

The result: Increased productivity and improved health protection

The chemical company thus has a modular IIoT solution that brings users a standalone element for the connected factory. It is independent of other solutions and can very easily be used together with them.

In construction companies, the solution significantly increases productivity through just-in-time production. This will enable them to better meet the rapidly growing demand in the construction market. Moreover, the solution brings additional health protection for the staff. Since employees no longer have to work directly with industrial foams, they do not inhale toxins.

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