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Shaping digital offerings together with customers


IoT Use Case Axulus
3 minutes Reading time
3 minutes Reading time

Customer focus is important for digital offerings to fit the exact requirements. A modular building block system allows sales teams to work together with customer representatives on solutions and roll them out quickly. In addition, the IT teams are relieved with the development and deployment of applications.

The challenge: Developing digital solutions

Business with digital solutions is a strategic task for many industrial companies, as new business areas are emerging through digital offerings. In contrast to ordinary product development, companies must first build up know-how and develop the solutions step by step.

An international specialty chemicals and equipment company was looking for a central place to manage variants of its solutions and use case ideas for its digital offerings. It was important to the company that the sales team (based in Taiwan) could work with customers on innovative use cases. The goal is solutions that add clear value, as indicated by important KPIs.

The solution: Design modular offers with the customer

The company uses an offer from Reply, which specializes in the development, design and implementation of digital solutions based on new technologies. For the solution design the in-house platform AXULUS is used. It is a cloud-based tool collection for applications in the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things). It works according to the principle of a construction kit: users develop solutions based on templates.

The platform configures the predefined templates and rolls them out with existing digital implementation workflows. Integrated artificial intelligence also helps users to continuously improve their own projects. They are more solely responsible for solution development and can focus more on their other tasks.

The platform offers ideation and innovation for sales, but also for other users. Being close to the customer, the relevant teams can easily develop different solution variants and manage them on the platform. This means that no ideas are lost and the management of the different variants is much easier than with conventional Office documents. In addition, the platform allows maintenance of the individual solutions, including upgrades and change requests. This greatly reduces the workload of the IT teams.

The result: Value creation with digital solutions

The joint development of solutions has significantly improved customer service. The individual modules for the Industrial IoT better fit the requirements of the customers. This enables the company to offer more differentiated products. Ultimately, this significantly strengthens customer loyalty. In addition, there is now regular revenue from digital solutions – a higher business valuation is the result.

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