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Here we offer you the opportunity to share your use cases, case studies, marketing information and participant details with us conveniently and efficiently.

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Corporate Text

IIoT Use Case GmbH (brand name: “IoT Use Case”) is a network of users that focuses on already successful IoT and IIoT use cases from the industry. Through the online platform www.iotusecase.com, businesses can find suitable IoT solutions and contacts for their specific use cases that have proven successful in practice. In the monthly “User Group” format, they can expand their network across industries and share their experiences.

Definition of the term "use case"

Click on ‘View definition’ now to get clear explanations and precise definitions of the most important terms relating to IoT. Let’s deepen our understanding together for better cooperation.


The listeners of the IoT Use Case Podcast are looking forward to IoT in practice! The focus is on IoT projects and associated use cases from user companies. Of course, we will also be presenting you as an IoT expert and your solutions in one of the episodes!

  1. Use cases from manufacturers in the industry are great! (Example: WIKA, igus)
  2. Project reports with customers or partners are fantastic! (Example: Kontron AIS and ruhlamat Maschinenbau)
  3. In exceptional cases, we deal with special topics such as the “EU Data Act”, “digital product passport”, “change management” or “agile software development”

Take a look at how others do it: Watch the latest podcast episodes

Quite simple! There are 3 ways to submit content such as use cases or project descriptions to us:

  1. Using the use case forms 1- 3 (see above)
  2. Book interview appointment(see above)
  3. by e-mail to fabian.mattheis@iotusecase.com

New (01/01/2023) – Direct Use Case PromotionMany partners give us feedback that it takes a lot of time to approve success stories with their customers. So if you have already written and released articles, just send us the link via the form 🏃‍♀️ 1) Quick form – we will check it briefly and then directly put it online.. This allows us to immediately create relevant reach and visibility, as well as focus on content multiplication. Read more about the advantages

Here are three possible ways to renew the partnership:

Please request the renewal documents from Madeleine (madeleine.mickeleit@iotusecase.com).

  • The current package automatically renews itself. Your current package, for example, the Starter Package S, would automatically be renewed for one year at the time of your offer with the same scope. Please check your previous offer and contact Madeleine for more information.
  • Partnership upgrade.  You can upgrade to Starter Package M for +3,047.50 EUR (added to the current package price, e.g. Starter Package S). The Starter Package L would be  +9,272.50 EUR (added to the current package price, e.g. starter package S).

Here are our rules for embedding podcast and other media content. They help us in conducting a measurement of our activities for you

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Yes, that’s actually very much welcomed! We would be happy if you introduce us as a partner on your website. Our goal is to build strong and sustainable relationships with our partners. By introducing you as a partner on your website, we expand our network and create mutual benefits by pooling our resources and expertise.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we provide a short description and our logo that you can use for this purpose.

  1. Provide a link to our homepage
  2. Go to the company text and the logo

Please use the materials as they are to ensure the consistency of our brand. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us (fabian.mattheis@iotusecase.com).

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